HTC’s One Mini, One Mini 2 smartphones won’t be getting Lollipop   Leave a comment

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Dozens upon dozens of Android phones from the various OEMs have been updated to Lollipop over the last several months, but it looks like at least a couple of devices (one of which is barely a year old) won’t be getting any Material Design goodness. HTC has confirmed that both the HTC One Mini 2 and its predecessor the One Mini, won’t—at least officially—be getting the update to the latest version of Google’s mobile OS.

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Samsung drops a bombshell: The S6 suffers from a very major memory problem   Leave a comment

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Galaxy S6 (left) and Galaxy S6 Edge (right) - image credit Samsung

Over the past few years, we have seen Samsung absolutely dominate the Smartphone Market with its as many devices as it can strategy, that puts devices satisfying every possible need on every possible price point.

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Facebook recently launched a new app to solve the case of the mysterious incoming call   Leave a comment

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Facebook recently launched a new app to solve the case of the mysterious incoming call. From the report: “The app, which is called Hello and is only available on Android, uses data from Facebook to tell you who’s blowing up your phone. Of course, the feature will only work if the caller has shared his number with Facebook, and if you would normally be able to see that information.”

For some reason this sorta reminds me of that stupid “Facebook phone”, the nickname given to that HTC handset (from 2013 I think) that was the butt of a lot of jokes. And surprise, nobody cared or bought it nor are they talking about it now. I guess it should never have been an actual phone, just an app! :D

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Google Wireless Network   Leave a comment

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From’s report: “available only in limited areas in the US, and it works only on the Nexus 6 phone, which is made by Motorola. There aren’t any immediate plans to open Project Fi to other devices like the iPhone quite yet.”

And read the great discussion on Google+ about it, initiated by J.R. Raphael.

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Google has been discussing releasing their own wireless service under the name “Project Fi” for some time now. There are no release dates for this service as of yet, however; there have been a couple interesting leaks recently.

Google is close to launching its own wireless service and may officially reveal it on Wednesday, according to The Wall Street Journal. As previously leaked, the service is said to run on Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks, and only work on the Nexus 6 (above) at first; the phone is expected to be able to switch between the two networks depending on which signal is stronger. The WSJ also says that customers will be able to pay only for the data they use, rather than buying a set amount each month and losing the unused portion. – (The Verge)

The new service will work with the Nexus 6 made by Motorola Mobility, a former Google unit.This is big news because im sure a lot of people feel like…

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Surface 3 review: Finally, a cheap Surface you’d actually want (No not really! )   2 comments

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via Surface 3 review: Finally, a cheap Surface you’d actually want.  (No not really)

Review from Engadget shows that the MS surface line is improving. Just not quite enough.  Let me get this out there the whole surface concept I have always thought was flawed.  It’s a niche device that I don’t think has a market to support it. The surface was a reaction to the fact that people who were buying Ipads and then buying keyboard covers for them.

The surface 3 (not to be confused with the surface 3 pro, which it will be) has a few key points.

  • Windows RT is gone so its running a full version of Windows 8.1 (which has its own draw backs see why we hate 8)
  • It’s toting a $499 price tag.  Witch it is the most stripped down model. (meaning its most likely to be returned for the

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Report: Funds stored in Google Wallet are now FDIC insured   Leave a comment

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Still not completely comfortable with all this new stuff for payments (Yes, I realize debit cards were once “new” too) but this FDIC aspect is a good sign.

I guess I’m waiting for lots of people to adopt and to hear possible horror stories …and then the subsequent “Okay, don’t worry, we’ve fixed everything. It’s all good in the hood” from Google. I don’t take the plunge on a lot of things, for example, this.

Let’s remember that Android Police had a really terrible experience with Google Wallet. Well, I should add that story was almost 2 years ago, but that hilarious, scathing review made an impact on me. Google Wallet was new then, but it’s now closer to being ready for primetime it seems.

Bottom line, personally, something like this needs to become mainstream in order for me to use it.

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Most of the money transfer services that have popped up in Silicon Valley over the last several years don’t directly offer any federal-level insurance, and Google Wallet—until today—was a pretty good example. But now, according to a report from Yahoo Finance, Google is adding FDIC insurance to the money you keep in your Wallet Balance by storing your funds in various FDIC-insured banking institutions…

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Zuckerberg’s next selection for the Facebook book club is all about dealing with China   Leave a comment

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Next up on Mark Zuckerberg’s reading list: former Goldman Sachs CEO and US Treasury secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr.’s Dealing with China, the eighth selection in the Facebook CEO’s book club.

Here’s what Zuckerberg said about the pick:

Over the last 35 years, China has experienced one of the greatest economic and social transformations in human history. Hundreds of millions of people have moved out of poverty. By many measures, China has done more to lift people out of poverty than the whole rest of the world combined.

I’ve been personally interested as a student of Chinese culture, history and language. I’m looking forward to reading Paulson’s perspective on what China’s rise means for the world.

Zuckerberg has famously taken a personal interest in China, which represents an enormous opportunity for Facebook—except for the fact that it is currently blocked by the Chinese government. If Paulson can pass along any…

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