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Amazon just took center stage in the cloud storage war. On Thursday, the world’s largest online storefront announced a new pricing model for its Cloud Drive service, consolidating its previous options into two new unlimited storage plans.

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Guest/contributor blogger pages that aren’t social – Get with the times   Leave a comment

Maybe I’m crazy or not comprehending something but it seems like Gravatar hasn’t kept up with the changing times?? I took screenshots from four contributor/author pages I’ve seen around the web.

(#3 below is mine and shown as an example which is somewhat better than #1 and #2, but not as good as the 4th example.)

Let me ask you: Of the below 4 author boxes, which one seems the most modern?! If you said #1 and #2, I think you need your head examined. Why? Well – They’ve got no social links! And this is the social age. Mine (#3) is tolerable because it’s got some social at the bottom, but LET’S BE REAL – the best of the bunch is #4, made with Fancier Author Box. Look at how it has neat tabs for the person’s latest posts and his bio and it has social media icons. Very modern and attractive, don’t you agree? It even lets him show a blurb under his name.

I just don’t get how some pages don’t include social. Well, maybe the author didn’t want that. Who knows.
short wide break utility
#1 – Where are the social links!?!?!????

short wide break utility
#2 – Pulls from Gravatar, I believe. I again ask: Where are the social media links??

short wide break utility
#3 – Pulls from Gravatar but at least 2 social links are included, 3 if you count Skype (Look at the bottom part. Likely included manually)

short wide break utility

If you preferred any of the first 3 instead of the final example (shown below), I’d love to know why. The most compact and arguably the best-looking interface is the final one. Take a look!


#4 – Best – Could be Gravatar-linked, but I’m not sure about that

short wide break utility
Look at it again. As I said earlier,

  • It has neat tabs for the person’s latest posts and his bio
  • You can see the social media icons clearly, in a cluster
  • It even lets him put text under his name


You might’ve noticed – I don’t use an author box plugin on this site. That’s because I’m cray cray. It’s not like I have hundreds of guests here anyway.

Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’ Trailer Gets Record 34 Million Views   Leave a comment

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Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that the trailer for Adam Sandler’s “Pixels” has generated 34.3 million views worldwide in its first 24 hours online.

It’s a record for a Sony movie, 50% above the previous mark of 22 million streams for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Sandler plays a former arcade gaming champ tasked in the slapstick-laden trailer with saving Earth from an invasion of aliens portrayed as giant versions of classic videogame characters, such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

The film also stars Kevin James as the president of the United States along with Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan. Chris Columbus directed from a script by Tim Dowling and Tim Herlihy, based on the short film by Patrick Jean.

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Leslie Moonves: Showtime Streaming Service Coming in ‘Not Too Distant Future’   Leave a comment

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CBS Corp. chief Leslie Moonves has made it clear that Showtime is poised to join HBO in offering a standalone online streaming subscription service “in the not too distant future.”

Speaking Wednesday morning at the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom investor conference in Palm Beach, Fla., Moonves said negotiations with digital distributors and traditional MVPDs are in full swing. HBO’s formal announcement on Tuesday of the HBO Now launch next month has accelerated those conversations, he said.

[pmc-related-link href=”” type=”See More:” target=”_self”]HBO Now to Launch on Apple TV[/pmc-related-link]

“We’ve been having discussions with the normal suspects,” Moonves said. “I think the floodgates are now open.”

Moonves acknowledged that there is hesitation from some MVPDs who are concerned about a digital-only offering cannibalizing their existing service. But there is no doubt that OTT offerings are joining the parade of pay TV offerings, he said, which will only improve the underlying…

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Callr Releases A Mobile App To Make Conference Calls Less Of A Hassle   Leave a comment

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Do you hate conference calls? Do you hate having a thing just appear on your calendar with some sort of dial-in information that you always forget and then you have to go to your calendar with phone in hand and dial some numbers and then wait for a digital voice to welcome you and ask for a code and then you have to dial some more numbers? And if at any point you get any of it wrong, you have to go back and try to get the numbers right again?

Well, a startup called Callr has solved at least some of those problems — namely the need to search for, find and dial those elusive conference call numbers yourself. And now it has an iOS app and an Android app that will make it even easier for you to manage calls you’re scheduled to make.

Callr works like this:…

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The Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google–Who Wins? Who Loses ?   Leave a comment

Alex H Yong:

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The Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google–Who Wins? Who Loses?

Originally posted on BubbleCube - A Digital Marketing Blog:

A great presentation from Scott Galloway on on Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google (The Four Horsemen) and who will win & who will lose in the digital business economy

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The #PRStack Project: Really at the intersection between PR and digital   Leave a comment

Alex H Yong:

I’m proud to be in Stephen Waddington’s #PRstack community and project :) alongside Will McInnes (@willmcinnes), Scott Guthrie (@sabguthrie), Richard Bagnall (@richardbagnall), Brendan Cooper (@brendancooper), David Sawyer (@zudepr), Michelle Goodall (@greenwellys), Andrew Arnold (@Andrew_Arnold), Beth Hespe (@bhespe), and more. Click here for the article and list of names of thinkers/doers who care about elevating and optimizing the PR cosmos for the digital age of marketing and media convergence.
About Alex Yong, PR industry watcher and #PRstack community member:
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My articles on LinkedIn with a PR focus: Click here
Follow me on Twitter: @ggSolutions123

Special thanks to the great team @Prezly who created the free front end #PRstack directory of tools. To accompany, @Prezly also created, a resource designed to match these tools with great guides, knowledge and community.

☆ Read about and
in @Prezly’s own words here: ☆

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☆ And click here to see the latest tweets with the #PRstack hashtag
Proud to be in the PRstack community and project created by Stephen Waddington

Hear Neville Hobson’s 5-minute audio summary on what #PRstack is all about

A preview of Brendan Cooper’s summary is below:

Originally posted on Words make ideas make money:

What are the best tools that help PR practitioners perform to the best of their ability?

This is a thought I had a few years ago. I could see that, with the advent of Web 2.0, it would help PR people to know what consumers were sharing about their clients’ products. So, I put together my first cut of the Friendly Ghost Social Media Resource – ‘Friendly  Ghost’ because that was my moniker at the time (when we all felt like we were part of the matrix and thought we had to have cool names) and ‘Social Media Resource’ because I couldn’t think of anything snappier.

It was fairly clunky and difficult to follow, being a huge Google Doc. So I acquainted myself with Zoho and turned it into a proper database.

Reaction was mainly positive but some people expressed doubts about contributing to something when they didn’t know…

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