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Alex H Yong:

An event tech startup named Mitingu is hoping to help businesses make events more successful. Took me awhile (don’t laugh) but I now see the point of the name “Meeting you” :D

Originally posted on roberthughey:

Mitingu helps business events be more successful by offering technology that better engages with your delegates. Working smartly to gather information, helping you learn more about them whilst ensuring they benefit from and are at the centre of your events.

Using features such as auto tagging and our full white label offering, delegates get a consistent branded and personalized message from the initial invitation and registration, through to the post event follow up communication.

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via Beta List http://bitly.com/1mlhXax


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What on earth is “Facebook Zero”? Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!   Leave a comment

Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach from Social@Ogilvy

Time for a confession. Even though I rarely post about media issues on this blog, the truth is, I’m fascinated by media issues in the social age. Keeping up with media news/trends is a growing passion of mine, especially when it comes to POE issues (click here to hear me speak. Apologies for the soft audio). I ran across a superb article in VentureBeat that talks about brands failing to understand social media, especially the “social conversation” aspect. I also like that it quotes Ogilvy.

Here’s the Ogilvy quote about POE:

“Going forward, they’ll [brands] need to use ‘paid’ to fuel ‘earned,’ but that doesn’t make the earned any less valuable.”

I agree with Ogilvy. Let me just add: One common instance where using paid media to to fuel earned media is stupid and wasteful is if a brand or agency implements a paid campaign to pay crappy ‘bloggers’ – even if they’re riff raff – in a flaccid, visible-to-everyone, pseudo-focus-group-but-not-really way. Such a campaign is sometimes foolishly launched without good data, or launched with data that’s misread. (Another confession: Data is a growing interest of mine)

Anyway, the VentureBeat article and the embeded SlideShare from Ogilvy focuses mainly on diminishing organic reach on Facebook, and the outlook is generally grim. However, Harry Hawk has a few very interesting/unique insights into this, specifically that not everything is as it seems. You’ll need to reach out to him to hear his take. It’s based on research, not opinion. (I’m in no way indicting VB, Ogilvy, or anyone nor am I insinuating anything. As I said earlier, I agree with Ogilvy and I love VB’s report. I’m simply reassuring you that Harry Hawk’s take is valid and very interesting) What Harry says can’t be summed up in 3 sentences, but I’ll give you a preview: According to Harry’s findings, some industries are shockingly actually doing better (yes, better) after the FB newsfeed algo changes because some savvy brands are boosting posts that are “already doing well” instead of trying to boost underperforming posts. Intrigued? Yeah, so was I. As I said, it’s a little too deep to go into detail here, so do contact Harry. The final takeaway I’d like you to take away is this: Even on the brand side with all the inherent complexities of POE issues, or algo changes imposed by sites, etc., there are ways to do social in a “stupid” way, and there are ways to do it in a “not stupid” (dareIsay smart) way. I’m not saying I’m a SM or POE expert, although some people look to me for advice and inspiration. But if I can humblebrag for a minute, I just wanna point out that I didn’t really get active on social media til around early 2013 and I feel I’m making strides. As recently as April 2012 I wasn’t on social media at all (not even Facebook) and even felt it had no place in my life. Back then, I wasn’t even clear on what POE is – Now I’m all over it, going to POE/media conferences and stuff. So there’s my humblebrag. If I carry on, it won’t be humble anymore. :D

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The 411 about #Uber and #Lyft: What’s the difference?   Leave a comment

Alex H Yong:

Thanks Morgan Corbett. You always post good content. 

Originally posted on Wherever you go, there you are:

Uber and Lyft have succumbed to scrappy tactics recently to win customers and market share.

The ground transportation industry, over saturated by cab companies, has been disrupted by services like Uber and Lyft, companies that seek to make transportation easy and affordable. Uber-app Consumers can download an app, enter their credit card information and press a button to summon a private driver to their exact location. So, what’s the difference between Uber and Lyft?

I’ve used the Uber service in many cities around the country: NYC, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta and San Francisco. My only experience with Lyft was in the Bay Area – twice. uber-image Uber offers a more “private driver” experience. You sit in the back of the car. It’s very clean, and there’s bottled water most of the time. Uber X is the less expensive option. lyft-car The über archnemesis, Lyft, is a less polished private driver service. The Lyft drivers sport neon…

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New tech trends that will blow your audience away   Leave a comment

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qrcodes913One thing I’d like to add: Most people have heard of QR codes: Those odd-looking things that can be scanned and then a page will pop up on a device to provide more information. Conferences can use them on posters, tickets and elsewhere (even digital screens) to provide valuable information to those attending. They can take a user to a PDF file, or a Slideshare presentation, or a video, etc. They can even be used for incentive programs (click here to see an example) when an event/conference is over or happening or beforehand, or just not tied to any conference at all.

Originally posted on Eventastic:

Eventastic using innovative technology for events.An event without technology is nearly unheard of these days.

Technology has become such an integral part of the way Event Professionals communicate and promote events; the way we craft the event experience and most certainly a way of delivering the key act or speaker.

Getting up to speed with the latest tech trends is no easy task for event professionals, especially if they are not tech savvy.

3 Event Technology Trends To Create An Incredible Event Experience

  1. All things video. With effects such as edge blended video display, pixel mapping and doing unique things with video beyond “here is my power point presentation”.
  2. Way more complex set-ups. An industry term has not been coined yet, but in the concert industry they are starting to see “pre – programmed, automatic set movements” with some event professionals starting out on a smaller scale with one or two automated movements…

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The definitive guide to finding out if you’re eligible for an iPhone 6 upgrade   Leave a comment

Originally posted on BGR:

The most hotly anticipated smartphone duo of the year is about to go from rumor to reality and the biggest question on Apple’s fans’ minds will shift from “what will the new iPhone 6 be like?” to “how much will the new iPhone 6 cost me?” Months worth of leaks and rumors have already answered the first question, for the most part, but it’s up to you to answer the second one; the price of the new iPhone models will depend on a number of factors, not the least of which is your current upgrade eligibility status with your carrier.

Here’s how to check to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade with each of the four major nationwide wireless carriers in the U.S.

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Experience the power of a bookbook   Leave a comment

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IKEA´s new ad promoting its new catalogue is a hillarious parody of Apple´s famous product commercials….

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How to travel on a budget using #Airbnb   Leave a comment

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What to say when your friends can’t host you in their cramped New York apartment? No worries, I’ll find a room on Airbnb.


Not only is AIrbnb affordable, it provides users with pictures, location, host reviews and the ability to communicate with the host.

It’s a strange concept to stay with people you’ve never met, but isn’t traveling supposed to be an adventure anyways? Maybe it’s a generational thing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the dates you’re traveling
  2. Choose a neighborhood within the city
  3. Choose a price range
  4. Choose single room or entire apartment. You have the option of renting an entire apartment or home.
  5. Scroll through available rooms/homes. I recommend looking for rooms with professional photography. To me, those apartments or homes seem more legitimate. Read the reviews. 


  1. Message the host and tell them about yourself. As much as you don’t want to stay with a weirdo, they don’t…

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