The 10th installment of “Livestreamed Livelihoods” will be all about Snapchat   Leave a comment

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Bosch’s e-Bike tech is given a field test by 3 New York City based live streamers for National Bike Month   Leave a comment


Moe, Geoff and Vin explore eBike computer/battery (created by Bosch) on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, May 10, 2016.

CLICK HERE to see the video replay

Follow Moe Saleh at @MoeInteractive

Follow Vin Nolan at @NYCScoper (formerly @VinNolanNYC) and follow @GeoffGolberg

National Bike Month

Geoff Golberg, Jonathan Weinert, Moe Saleh Bosch eBike tech field test

Photo credit: @MoeInteractive

Geoff Golberg, Jonathan Weinert, Vin Nolan electric bikes in NYC

Photo credit: (@MoeInteractive)


Periscopers having fun in NYC

Modern Meadow and Bolt Threads are making new fabrics – You won’t believe how   Leave a comment

Read the story at TechCrunch

Andras Forgacs of @ModernMeadow

Not all leathers need to be from slaughtered cattle.

Modern Meadow has been approached by nearly 100 different

companies wanting to know more about what they’re doing.

Dan Widmaier of @BoltThreads

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Read the story at TechCrunch

My Periscope Katch replays and best Snapchat Stories are now on YouTube!   Leave a comment

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3 new VAIO notebooks worth considering: The VAIO Z (flip or clamshell) and the VAIO S   Leave a comment

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For more info go to the VAIO U.S. website.

Special thanks to Samsung Mobile U.S., Snapchat, YouTube, and WordPress, because without them, this video and the embed wouldn’t be possible.

Live streamers covered annual “Asia Week” art festival for the first time   Leave a comment

If you live outside a major city, international art festivals aren’t exactly everywhere you look. On the morning of March 9, 2016, alongside an expected ‘traditional press’ brigade, a few local live streamers attended the special press walk of the 10-day arts festival known as “Asia Week New York” for the first time in its history.

This allowed more people from all over the world to view a taste of the annual festival.

The 3 live streamers were as follows: 2 Snapchatters (who also use Periscope) Jyotsna du Ciel and yours truly, Alex Yong. Also: The prolific Periscoper known as TigerWon (a.k.a. Jeongwoon Eun) was part of the press walk. On the night of March 8, TigerWon was hand-selected by the staff of Periscope.TV as a “Featured Scoper”, so the timing of that was pretty awesome, though coincidental.

Special thanks to Marilyn White.

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By the time Periscope launched to the public in late March of 2015, the 2015 installment of Asia Week New York was already over.

This made 2016’s Asia Week New York the first year that Periscopers were invited.

Go to

(J. du Ciel Snapchatted, then uploaded to Twitter)

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Alex Yong’s first review of “Facebook Live”   Leave a comment


Click here to see my first Facebook Live, broadcasted from #SMWNYC (Social Media Week, New York City) #SMW16

(Recorded February 26, 2016 using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on WiFi through Android Facebook Mentions.)

Funny thing is, this ability was available to me the 2nd week of JANUARY 2016 (via Android Facebook Mentions)

I was on a supposed official Facebook waiting list (I remember filling out the form) to get Android Facebook Mentions + was informed I’d be informed. Unless I missed some notice sent to me in January — I received nothing from Facebook. Nice fail, Facebook. Oh well, it’s here now. Let the fun begin.

Someone gave me her opinion and said she thinks the video quality delivered by Facebook Live is better than Periscope’s. Do you agree? I sorta agree. I feel Facebook Live would’ve been aweseome to have while I was doing the December event with Apple CEO Tim Cook (RFK Human Rights 2015 Awards gala, click here). Oh well.

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