administrative FTR post: June 2013: re: the Google+ page I had to create

FTR (for the record): In mid June 2013 I was asked by the fine folks at to tweet and post about brands participating in the Engadget+gdgt Live show in realtime. Little did I know, but
Hootsuite requires us to create a page on Google+ (In case you don’t know, a G+ page is different from a G+ profile) in order for multi-site upload to work (To be precise, I should say multi-site upload where G+ is part of that equiation) so I had to create a special Google+ page in order for Hootsuite to post to it. Well, Hootsuite didn’t do such a smooth job (with my facebook in particular), or more likely it was my setup which I set up the night before and something wonky happened between the night prior and the day of. Plus, the event was surprisingly below street level, thus connectivity was a real issue for me (and the event’s WiFi was wonky – at least for me it was), plus I should’ve turned off Android notifications beforehand – because I get a ton from Twitter normally, and all those notifications did not help the connectivity gremlins. Everything was a hot mess on my end. Before I knew of the severity of the connectivity gremlins, I uploaded a video on the spot which took almost half an hour to finish!! I didn’t wanna stop the upload midway for fear of messing up my Galaxy Note 2. The HOA (Hangouts on Air) I was so wanting to do live suffered because of all the above – in fact, the HOA never happened period. Fortunately I didn’t invite the entire Twitterverse to watch. So, when it comes to busy, buzzworthy events with alot of hoopla going on, readers at home see tweets coming in fast and furious and fast facebook updates too, but they don’t get the true feel of what truly goes on IRL – all the clumsiness, the gremlins, etc. I wanted to be fast with everything to match the pace of the event, but I seriously felt like my hands and my device were in molasses – can you say frustration? That was what I was feeling. Anyway, I have a newfound respect for anyone working in live TV production because so much can go wrong and the ability to adapt must be gold in that field. As for me and that evening, yeah, I went to plan B, but my original plan A was oh-so-promising. I was going for the wow factor in the realtime HOA, which I never got to do. So my HOA was technically a failwhale, but for all that I learned  from this incident, I can’t really say the evening was a fail. I really wish however that the evening turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, especially the cool HOA. Oh well. Anyway I’m sticking this administrative post to the very bottom bottom of this blog, therefore, the date listed won’t match.

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