Do you hate to type? Well, you should know about Android!

So I’ve seen those commercials about speech-to-typed-words software (called “voice input engine” in Android), and while I know almost nothing about the ones on TV, I learned this week this technology is totally cool. Specifically I’m referring to the voice-to-text function on my smartphone, accessible anywhere you see the microphone icon. (see image here) According to PC World, this is available in Android 2.1 or higher. If I understood and remember what I read on another site correctly, Google wants to

improve on the feature but as it stands right now, it’s pretty good! Yes, you’ll be editing some of the misheard words, so I hope Google isn’t going for perfection, because with this type of function, let’s face it, perfect isn’t realistic. From what I’ve read on the internet, even Apple fans say Siri is essentially useless compared to Google’s responsive voice engine. The addition of “Google Now” will probably strengthen this opinion unless Apple can pull a Hail Mary sooner rather than later. Comment added 12/26/2012 If you’re a mobile blogger and not in the mood to type, this feature could prove very handy. After you touch the mike, this is what you’ll see:

One trick I learned just a few seconds ago is to touch the shift key on the Android keyboard before you touch the mike icon. This will make the first letter of your sentence uppercase. Bam! – It worked again. In ‘MS Word lingo’, it’s basically the same as “sentence case.” So a few minutes ago, I sent a draft of what you see now to this blog via sync’ed Gmail on my Prism, and I’m now doing the edits on my laptop. As you can imagine, it’s way easier to edit a blog on a laptop, although mobile apps are getting so good that blogging by phone will be even bigger than it is now. Oh, I’m on that bandwagon, believe me. 
The Prism is made by Hua Wei and is sold retail by T-Mobile. It comes with the standard Gingerbread keyboard and the Swype keyboard free (Swype is superior, in my opinion). If you don’t want to be locked into a 20-month contract, speak to the T-Mobile employees about  options that work better for your life – There are plenty. As of right now, I’m still speedy gonzalez on my laptop, but I’m getting more skilled with smartphones. The speech-to-text bonus definitely helps those days I sit down and feel a bit of early writer’s block, but when you start to get comfy with it, you might notice yourself using it alot!! It’s grown on me for sure. And seeing your words pop up is downright fun too 🙂

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