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Contact methods:
AlexYong NewYorkCity blogger
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//////yhsmanhattan or Alex Yong Writer-NY
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Email is the best way to reach me. Twitter is the 2nd best.

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Or fill out this contact form. Remember to include your contact information. Oddly, I’ve had people use the form and actually forget something so simple.


My sites are listed below:

Techmania 411
(Click here to see the media onesheet/FAQ for Techmania 411)

Cool Solutions  is my YouTube channel where you can watch product reviews and interviews (complements Techmania and some other projects too)



Alex Yong
Content Specialist: Event and Gala Coverage
• Techmania 411 • Cool Solutions •


Portfolio, B2B mission statement, media onesheet:

cooltext1835955903 (1)

B2B mission statement: I provide writing services and special training to the PR world and corporate comms departments. Skills revolve around product unveilings and campaigns, blog development (non-technical, e.g., vetting guests, curation), conducting Charlie Rose-style interviews of influencers, Twitter, GooglePlus, blogger collaboration, copywriting and other methods for content promotion. I was named in Cision’s 2015 list of the top 50 “must follow” PR resources and influencers utilizing rich media on Twitter. If copywriters are sugar cubes, and journalists are closer to ice cubes, then I’m a Rubik’s cube. My interaction with different verticals places me in a colorful category of writers.

Hire me to write and/or teach special things – Click here. If you’re an agent representing tech brands, please see my media onesheet – Click here.


Note: For all other collaborators, I provide stand-in services when you’re unable to attend more than one event at the same time. In an event-heavy city like New York, schedule conflicts are common, and let’s face it, nobody can be in two places at the same time.  I have other talents too, e.g., VA skills for social media. As indicated in the opening section on this page I manage a YouTube channel (Cool Solutions).


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About us

Additional note on the occasional .mp4 commercials embedded into my sites: Companies who’ve previously advertised using the classic 30-second spot format include: Sprint Nextel Corporation, Best Buy, Viacom International Inc. (VH1 channel), Unilever (Degree antiperspirant, Hellmann’s® and Best Foods® mayonnaise), Gap Inc. (Old Navy), Microsoft Corp. and Nokia Corp. (WindowsPhone), IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group, The Lego Group (Lego® toys), Beam Inc. (Maker’s Mark® Kentucky Bourbon, Sauza® sparkling water), Vistakon/Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue® disposable contact lenses), Novartis International AG (Excedrin® pain reliever)

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