Superb graphics resolution on the Nokia Lumia 900

Nice graphics resolution, Twitter looks gorgeous, good for music too. Unsure why other bloggers say the start screen boxes are uninspiring/boring. It has a name, by the way – “Metro,” although I’ve heard minor chatter that Microsoft prefers people refer to them as “Live Tiles” instead. I’d say the boxes are a bit plain, but nobody uses a smartphone to gaze at the home screen. See product image here to see these “plain” boxes, or visit You can also customize the start screen by unpinning and pinning boxes you dislike/like. I was able to somehow put a .jpg image to the start screen – clicking on it from the home screen takes you to the actual file to see it larger. Live Tiles are customizable, but even after customization they are, in my opinion, not as aesthetically cute as Android screens (after customization). But in this busy day and age, if a device can reliably remind you to finish your to-do list, cute is nice but getting things done is equally nice. Oh, the to-do list function on the Lumia is wonderful – One of the easiest to use in the market.

If you’re loyal to Microsoft Office suite, or if you want to give this smartphone as a gift to someone who feels the same way, this phone might be a little darling in their world, proving more productive by virtue of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem. For more information, search Nokia Lumia 900 on Wikipedia, Google, or Disclaimer re: compensation received: None. Gift received AFTER the fact on brand’s own accord; In other words, not pre-arranged and NOT given quid pro quo.

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