Samsung presents: The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet
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For TRUE multi-tasking, not just cumbersome toggling

[Breaking news, Oct. 2012: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be gracing the Android universe in March of 2013!]

I had the pleasure of attending Samsung’s August 15, 2012 media event showcasing the Galaxy Note 10.1 ~ Oh, what a tablet! World-famous fashion designer Zac Posen spoke on stage telling the audience that in his line of work, collaboration is key. The Galaxy Note 10.1, he told us, is conducive to collaborative workflow and has therefore become a productivity-booster for Zac’s different teams. Up until now, Americans (and the world) have regarded tablets as devices that are cool for viewing and receiving content. But creating content was still considered “best done” on desktops and laptops. Some early critics of tablets even slammed them as “expensive toys for the rich.” However, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, with its lightweight, battery-free S Pen, is great for editing/creating on Photoshop and other software mainstays used in creative businesses. The tablet is smart enough to ignore the fleshy part of your hand under your pinky finger when it leans against the screen (and inevitably, it will, especially if you’re drawing). Attention all managers in creative fields: Your workhorse device has arrived, and you’re gonna get alot more done in your workday!

For those of us who feel time away from the office has alot of wasteful downtime, the remedy for this “wasteful feeling” is – you guessed it – mobile devices.

useful in so many types of businesses: music, Hollywood, fashion
useful in so many types of businesses: music, Hollywood, fashion

Photo credit: Samsung
I think businesses who maximize the usefulness of this new Samsung tablet can even make it “pay for itself” through increased productivity. To emphasize the creativity angle, Samsung partnered with Adobe to preload Photoshop Touch into the Galaxy Note 10.1. All this goodness runs on Android 4.0 ICS. For a self-explanatory video of the Note 10.1, click on the blue Samsung corporate logo at the start of this post.

College students will cheer too because of the truly innovative textbook-specific features (Assigned the somewhat odd mokiner of “Kno” (Not sure why the final “w” isn’t there)) in the Galaxy Note 10.1. All things considered, 150,000 e-textbooks accessible via tablet isn’t too shabby! ~ Man, kids are lucky these days…

This tablet lives up to today’s tech definition of “smart” ~ For example, if your handwriting isn’t the best, the Note 10.1 will convert it into standard type (See video:  The read-and-converted words can then be copied, pasted, emailed, bolded or colored or italicized, etc. to your liking – All the normal stuff, but jump-started by these extraordinary, innovative and yes, “smart” Samsung devices.

Also in attendance and providing a critique on the new tablet was film director Baz Luhrmann (director of Moulin Rouge and the hilarious Strictly Ballroom), who said the Galaxy Note 10.1 goes beyond a game-changer. In his words, he regards it as a life-changer in terms of how much more he can now get done.

A big thanks to Samsung for allowing us to try this new tablet at the Time Warner Center. Prices were announced as: $499 for the 16 GB version and $549 for the 32 GB version. Purchase at Best Buy, TigerDirect, H.H. Gregg, and others. For the latest information, such as important news on Android Jelly Bean germane to the Note 10.1, I suggest you bookmark 🙂 and visit any of these sites:

To hear and read what each Samsung executive in attendance said on stage, captured on video, please access this very well-written page: Disclaimer re: compensation for this article: None received; article included for site curation.

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