3M™ Streaming Projector Powered by Roku®

The 3M™ Streaming Projector Powered by Roku® lets you experience the big screen at home. Project theater-esque images (at up to 120 inches). Make a big batch of popcorn, grab some drinks, drop the shades and hit the lights — It’s time for instant cinema.

uses Wi-Fi so it’s wireless

The Roku streaming stick is everything you love about Roku, to go. Think of it as Roku on a stick 🙂 It gives you nearly unlimited viewing options — over 600 channels. Just turn the 3M™ Streaming Projector on and project your Netflix, Hulu PLUS, Amazon Instant Video and other favorites on almost any surface — anywhere you have WiFi. Project your favorite shows and movies for a theater-like experience no one will forget.

So the big screen is back BIG time. Families will put down their phones, tablets and iPods and come together for movie nights again. Slumber parties will be scarier. Parties will be livelier. Girls’ night will be gigglier!

Disclaimer re: compensation for this article: None received; article included for site curation.

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