Be in the know: Virgin Mobile offers you a Samsung smartphone without a contract

No contract!

When you hear “Change is good,” you probably want more details before jumping to agreement or disagreement. Well, this change truly is good and makes total sense: The buzz is is that prepaid wireless phones are rapidly growing in popularity ~ a change from the norm of long-term cell contracts. (Most of us have experienced those, or are currently stuck with one) You might also know the neurotic “chicken little” questions that can go hand-in-hand with a lengthy mobile contract: OMG, if I’m late, will my credit score go down? Will it be a pain to switch my carrier? Can that even be done? Will my carrier notify me when the contract is nearing its end? Enough already! Americans are wising up ~ Evolving consumer demands are affecting significant changes in the mobile marketplace, and Samsung, the global powerhouse and household name in mobile telecom, is right on trend.

The Samsung Galaxy Reverb ($249.99) has been available since the end of September 2012 through Virgin Mobile USA. The Reverb is really good for playback and managing of mp3 files and syncs beautifully with Gmail (I access 2 different Gmail accounts – I’m shocked at how easy it is) and your Google Calendar. It’s so easy to use and customizable, I think it’s worth the price. I can send someone a fax on the Reverb using Faxzero on the Dolphin browser. (Both free, both separate. Temporarily disable javascript on Dolphin first; it’s easy). I’m using the Reverb right at this very moment, updating this blog while I listen to an mp3 playlist. So if you don’t want to use a tablet, laptop or desktop to blog, guess what, you can blog by phone thanks to Android phones like the Galaxy Reverb and free apps from Google Play like Dolphin and “WordPress for Android.” I feel so 2013 in 2012. 🙂 When you dictate into the phone with your voice using the built-in Android voice input engine, the music player automatically pauses til you’re done, then resumes – Too cool – music to keep me company while I blog. Love this phone. If you customize it, I think the Samsung Galaxy Reverb will exceed your expectations. Who knew it could do all this fun and productive stuff? I certainly didn’t! If you don’t customize it, that’s your choice, but you’ll still probably like it. Me? I customize. For your alarm clocks, you can set, schedule and name multiple alarms. Cancel/make active with a touch of a button. When your alarms go off, silence them by making a circle motion with your finger on the touchscreen. Tons of free stuff available to you right away with phone activation (just a few examples): Synchronized Twitter with alerts, Google Talk, Google Maps with Local concierge (provides maps, directions, recommendations, street pics and business reviews from Google Plus users), Google Play for apps, music, e-books, very fast app so you’ll know the weather with one tap and the week’s forecast with 2 taps, and even weather in other cities. You can set speedy icons to dial or text specific friends directly from the touchscreen with one tap.


Then secure your direct dial/text widgets in a convenient folder widget, if you wish. (Icons are called ‘widgets’ on Android, in most cases. Things like the sharing command button (the one shaped like a twig and berries) I still call ‘icons’)

Personalization is one of Android’s big strengths, along with synchronized alerts.

(I read somewhere that Apple’s iPhone, even their newest model has a peculiar and cumbersome interface for providing you with basic alerts such as voicemail.)

Let’s talk more Samsung in the rest of this article! The Samsung Galaxy S® II 4G with Android™ ICS (officially utilizing the Roman “II” symbol instead of “2” on most sites) is available with Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile service. Sprint wireless technology is the technology backbone.

Samsung has also considered the needs of folks who, well, aren’t so needy.

Explore these new phones for every type of budget.

Samsung Array M390 ($59.99)

Samsung Galaxy Rush ($149.99)

Samsung Entro ($14.99)

Samsung Montage ($49.99)

Just go to or or or type in hashtag #nocontract on Twitter.  Most of all, remember to laugh at the old-fashioned notion of needing a long-term cell contract to have a good mobile experience. It’s simply not true anymore. ~ Change is good! I wonder what other changes will result from trends in consumer demand? Hmmm. These phones could be a double positive as a gift for your teen or young twenty-something: Not only can it train them in monthly responsibility in making their own payments, but they’ll think you’re the coolest, cutting-edge mom or dad for being “in the know!” On Boost Mobile, there’s also a bill-reducing “Shrinking Payments” program for customers who pay on-time consistently. Visit the websites for details. This article originally published in August 2012. Updated October 2012.
Disclaimer re: compensation received: None. Unrelated gift received at a later time, i.e., gift was not pre-arranged and not given quid pro quo.

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