Superb global Android smartphone – Motorola’s Droid RAZR M

The compact, smart Motorola Droid RAZR M Android world phone

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Price drop alert (02/04/2013): Now only $50 on contract and you have 4 total color choices: black, white, pink, platinum Do you or someone you love need a great world phone for business or personal use in a durable slate/wedge form? Check out Motorola’s Droid RAZR M! It has a 4-star (out of 5) user rating on and for good reason. If only 3 words were allowed to describe a smartphone, the 3 words for this phone would be: {{{ FAST, lightweight, SMART! }}}


– 4G LTE speeds!

– Chrome browser with Picasa

– optional Spanish and French settings (Spain español, U.S.A Spanish, France français, and Canadian French (québécois))

SMARTACTIONS (unique built-in feature exclusive for the RAZR line, therefore, it’s found nowhere else) are remarkably smart automatic actions – So fascinating it really needs its own report to be fully appreciated. 🙂 Quickly, I can summarize it somewhat by saying it’s a customization feature that helps you use less network data, change preferences automatically like turn on Wi-Fi when you enter a certain Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc; have it silence the ringer to vibrate when you enter your church or other religious place; reduce screen brightness when you walk into your house to conserve battery, send someone a prewritten text when you reach a certain place – all automatically without manually taxing your poor hands and brain to change preferences each and every time you go somewhere new. And who stays in one place all day? Hardly anyone. If you have any of the RAZR phones, take advantage and thoroughly look into what SMARTACTIONS™ can do to simplify life. A must-try for people who have moderate or definite routines.

– touchscreen center home key adjacent to “recent apps” key. close recent apps by swiping them away

– Sturdy feel, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, Kevlar grippy back, splash proofdaisyleighf4

– works wonderfully with the app “Speaktoit” (it’s an assistant that responds to voice commands)

– unlimited address book entries!

– lots of RAM and remarkable battery life

– Backup Assistant Plus (formerly Backup Assistant and Media Manager) protects your contacts and accesses your media when you need it on the go Learn more at:

– Roaming customer support and emergency contact if you need them in a foreign country (more than 205 countries! Please note: Please prepare for global readiness before you travel by calling *611 or 800-922-0204. Please have your 20-digit SIM card number handy before you call Verizon for pre-travel device advice. Learn more at:

– 3G speeds in most cases when using it as an international phone

– microSD slot supports up to 32GB

– 4.3″ edge to edge display, compact design, great for small hands

– Sizewise it’s the size of the iPhone4 but much lighter (only 126 grams)

– very small bezel allows it to fit a HD screen. How adorable and Googlelicious (when watching YouTube), and there’s no hand fatigue in holding this phone

– swipe left after your leftmost page: quick settings (fast access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the quick settings)

– swipe right after your rightmost page: add more screens

– NFC and Android Beam for ultra convenience

– extremely Google integrated and it will only set you back with a one-time cost of $99 provided you sign a 2-year Verizon contract. Inquire with Verizon regarding any other one-time-only costs and, of course, monthly costs.


Neutral points you might like or dislike:

– “Surround Sound” on this phone has been deemed superfluous by many reviewers

– Verizon logo on front and back

– Check individual device to see if it runs Android ICS 4.0.4 or JellyBean 4.1.1. Most people will want 4.1.1 (Don’t worry! You can upgrade with ease no matter what) It’ll mainly depend on whether you purchased from Verizon directly or on the aftermarket. (Also check out: Look under «menu, settings, about device» to see, or ask a Verizon clerk to show you, or view the OTA upgrade instructions in PDF format, from Verizon’s website: )

Minor cons:

– Non-removable battery must only be replaced by a Motorola-approved service facility, so before you hire someone’s services, ask first!

– According to several reviewers, the audio out quality is not exactly the greatest (meaning music audio out), so really think twice if audio (home or car) is important to you. Please note: This shouldn’t be confused with call quality which is good.

Conclusion: The price, with a 2-year contract, is a sensible $99, as mentioned above, but check for sales with Verizon. If you have another phone with them, ask about the share plan. ~ The Motorola Droid Razr M would make a superb supplemental phone for business or personal use! ~ The price without a contract is, as you can guess, significantly higher but look at the numerous positives – especially SMARTACTIONS™ and LTE – compared to only one very minor battery negative.

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