Smartphones are changing the way business is done

business sme smb smartphones efficiency betterIt’s to your advantage as a business owner to implement and refine mobile UI’s when trying to drum up new business or to reconnect with existing customers. With a quality mobile website, your target audience will be able to seamlessly browse for information while away from home. A strong social media presence for your company will allow you to answer customer questions and resolve issues more efficiently versus sorting through emails or logging phone calls. In addition, providing a mobile app for phones and tablets puts much of your company’s information at the tip of a customer’s finger, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Establishing your mobile presence and optimizing it well does wonders for increasing brand awareness. Learn more about how companies are shaping the way they do business through mobile marketing by taking a look at this infographic. Use it as a reference as you plan your strategy for staying ahead of your competition.

Created by MFour Mobile Research, defining mobile and its benefits to research professionals.

Editor’s addition (added Nov. 2013): According to in the first quarter of 2013, 84% of mobile users used their devices to shop in the last month which is an increase of 5% YoY (year over year). Even more interesting, over a quarter of mobile shoppers have said they more frequently make purchases using their mobile devices than they do with their desktop computers.

Out of all mobile users, women and men make the same amount of purchases (if you disregard margin of error) in Q1 2013 at a dead even 50%.

Nielsen also reports that those aged between 25 and 34 years old edged out over other age groups in amount of online shopping made with their mobile devices. 18-24 years olds had by far the lowest amount of mobile shopping and 55+ had a respectable number of 25% mobile shopping. Those that made $50-$100k per year made the most mobile purchases than any other income bracket.



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