Highly productive Outlook add-ins

About this guest author: Nitin Vaghela is a tech enthusiast and has a taste for software and plugins that increase productivity and security. He is currently looking into ways to improve upon regularly used office software. Opening statement from author: Readers are advised that all the plugins mentioned below have been tested with the Microsoft Outlook desktop client and may or may not work with other email products and services such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook.com. The plugins have been tested only with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and cannot be guaranteed to work with other products.

Outlook is a great task management software and Microsoft has done a really great job covering all the basic requirements for daily mail and task scheduling. However, it’s possible to add more functionality and features to Outlook. Check out this list of Outlook add-ins for an even better experience. These are all the handy Outlook add-ins that I use in my mail clients. They are very useful and allow me to manage my work much better. Let me know what you think in the comments section.


  • Inlook Time Management:  http://www.inlooktm.com/ Inlook allows single-click archiving based on flexible ruling and can automatically create archive folders as you would want. It removes the headache of creating your folders manually. Inlook manages your emails with one click allowing you to defer, schedule, delegate and clean emails as well as schedule tasks involving the emails.
  • ShareO:  http://www.shareo.com/ Outlook allows you to share data such as contacts and calendars but it requires you to have a compatible email account. SharO removes the requirement of a Microsoft Exchange Mailbox and allows you to share folders, contacts, calendars with your contacts. ShareO integrates seamlessly into your Outlook folder
  • Win2PDF: www.win2pdf.com A great feature of Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013 is that they allow you to save your documents in PDF format. But somehow it did not occur to them to add this functionality into Outlook. Win2PDF is not designed specifically for Outlook but the software installs a printer driver which sends printed documents to PDF files.
  • E-mail Follow-Up: http://www.mapilab.com/outlook/email_followup/ Outlook allows you to set a reminder when you send a mail and adds it to your to-do list. E-mail Follow-up allows you to program a fixed response time after which you are reminded to follow-up by the add-on. Pretty handy when you have clients who are slow to reply and need to be periodically reminded.
  • Xobni: https://www.xobni.com/ Xobni integrates Facebook and LinkedIn to your Outlook and also adds Twitter as well. It also checks Hoover’s business database for email senders. It shows you only tweets from your contacts so you’re not crowded by tweets.
  • Twinbox: http://www.techhit.com/TwInbox/twitter_plugin_outlook.html Twinbox allows you to post tweets, read tweets, and manage multiple Twitter accounts from within Outlook. You can also apply grouping by topic, searches for tweets and view statistical data of your twitter account. This add-on can work alongside Xobni easily.
  • WinZip Courier: http://kb.winzip.com/help/courier/index.htm When you have to frequently send large attachments, WinZip courier will come as a huge help. It automatically compresses attachments and encrypts them before sending them. Along with this it also allows you to preview zip attachments sent to you as well.
  • Anti-Dupe:  http://www.anti-dupe.com/ This handy extension removes duplicates from Outlook. Every kind of duplicate: emails, contacts, appointments and tasks as well. Useful in clearing up space on your disk or mail server.
  • Zendio: http://www.zendio.com/ Wondering whether someone has opened your mail or not? Zendio can help you with it. Zendio notifies you when someone has opened your email and you can determine when you should follow up.

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