The cloud is well-suited for BYOD and mobile payments

cloud enterprise CDWWith the increasing demand for efficient computing solutions, cloud adoption rates in businesses are clearly growing. Two major innovations affected by this are mobile payments and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement.

BYOD is a real, tenable trend, thanks to the proliferation of cloud computing applications

Clouds enhance data processing and mobile device performance and these are just two reasons why users love them for both private and professional needs. According to a CDW LLC Report, 73% of survey respondents believe employees’ fascination with cloud applications and mobile devices is a major driver for general cloud adoption in their organizations. The very title of the report – Work Imitates Life in Cloud Computing Adoption – pretty much illustrates this point. What started as personal choices to use clouds evolved into the business trend we see now. Companies’ policies on cloud adoption had to be, (and still need to be) flexible in order to accommodate this shift.

“The fact that personal use of cloud computing among employees and IT professionals is influencing the rate of adoption within organizations speaks volumes about the emerging business case for cloud computing, and the need for solutions providers to take steps, as CDW has, to expand our portfolio of cloud services” said Stephen Braat, general manager at CDW.

Mobile payments are a growing trend and the cloud plays a role

Infobip entered the mobile payments sector in 2011, strengthening their foothold in that sector, which began with their SMS services in 2006. Through an in-house developed and operated mobile services cloud, they connect mobile network operators and enterprises with nearly 30 offices worldwide. This week, Infobip announced its mobile payments solution can reach more than 2 billion users in more than 70 countries, leading to a 10-fold increase in merchant revenue and up to 85 percent conversion rates for successfully completed transactions.

Infobip Centili payments solutionInfobip’s Centili mobile payments platform features direct carrier billing technology, which allows small online payments to be made directly from within mobile apps and services and charged directly to users’ mobile phone bills. Direct mobile billing removes payment barriers and helps increase engagement and conversion for a broad range of services, from mobile gaming to social networking and beyond.

Paolo Rizzardini, Infobip’s vice president of mobile payments says “Infobip’s long-time leadership in mobile platform development has kept us at the center of industry innovation, and we have focused our investments on expanding into important new sectors like mobile payments. We work closely with enterprises and mobile operators to identify the most critical needs for payments solutions and use our expertise to implement those features into our platform.” Merchants who have implemented Infobip’s mobile payments have seen overall traffic increase up to 900%, and the number of Infobip’s clients engaged increased by 675%. The Infobip Centili payment solution is optimized for in-app payments on gaming platforms.

Mr. Rizzardini goes on to say “Our mobile payments solution is built on our extensive knowledge of the needs and behavior of mobile operators and users. We continue to stay close to the pulse of mobile industry innovation to ensure that our platform features the most cutting-edge mobile payments capabilities.”

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Different mobile services have moved to the cloud. It looks like the cloud is here to stay

Over the last several years, different mobile services have moved to the cloud primarily because most hyper-connected users need constant access to their personal and business files. Cloud platforms allow users to store their files remotely, so they don’t occupy local storage space on tablets, smartphones, etc. Easy file syncing across multiple devices, easy sharing and more efficient communication are the benefits. This is exactly what employees who use more than a single device need.

The need for enterprise to invest in expensive hardware and maintenance is thankfully fading due to the shift from desktops to mobile clouds. Mobile adoption and cloud growth are seen as complementary trends. Companies are modifying their IT policies to better meet the demands of highly mobile employees as well as improving business processes with wider cloud adoption. This is also good news for smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.

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