Why Are We Scared To Be Without Our Mobile Devices?

Guest author: Wendy Lin

About this guest author: Wendy Lin is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. Even with all of her success, she still says family takes precedence over all of her business matters.

image credit: Alex Yong
image credit: Alex Yong

Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, fear of confined spaces is claustrophobia, and ironically the fear of long words is called sesquipedalophobia.  But there is now such a thing as the fear of being without a mobile phone, and that fear is called nomophobia. 

Yes, it is a real thing.  And why is that so?  Because so many of us use our mobile phones on such a regular basis that we can’t possibly imagine our lives without them.  It is thought that over half the population actually suffers from this real phobia, with women more likely to experience it than men. 20% more likely in fact.

The fear presents itself in the form of anxiety.  The worry can occur at any point and is far more likely when trying to take time out to relax, such as being on holiday.  It also doesn’t necessarily mean being away from your phone either.  It can be a worry about being out of range.

If we took a holiday?

Would you relax without your mobile phone? When you are away from work are you constantly checking your phone?  Are you reading emails and replying to messages?  It is thought that almost a quarter of people will even use their phones on a dinner date, whether that be with friends or a partner.

notredameWhere do you draw the line? The world has indeed gone mad

So, where do you draw the line?  Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig credited his healthy relationship with actress Rachel Weisz to leaving their mobile phones outside the bedroom so as not to be disturbed.  Does your relationship with your phone take precedence over time with friends, family or your partner?  Do you find you are surfing the net, checking Facebook and even replying to emails while you’re watching TV?

Where do you draw the line?  Do you stop when you’re on holiday, or do you experience a bout of nomophobia at the mere thought of having no access to Facebook, emails and texts whilst you are away? And what about your work? Does your boss give you a separate mobile phone with the ability to switch it off when you’re not at work?  Or are you expected to be on call at all times?

The world has indeed gone mad.  But not as mad as you’d be without your phone!  Nomophobia is a real thing.  Ask yourself, could you or do you suffer from it?  If so, then a decision to not take out mobile insurance combined with a bad situation could result in sending you into the depths of despair.  Imagine being without your phone for one day.  Right – so now it’s time to get the mobile insurance cover you keep forgetting about.

One good starting point for U.K. residents is budgetmobilecover.co.uk.  Being covered means you won’t have to be without your phone for longer than a day at the most.  A new mobile phone will be on its way to you faster than you can say well, ‘nomophobia.’

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