Four Types of SaaS Apps Every Business Should Deploy

Guest author: Danny Roberts

About this guest author: Danny Roberts heads the marketing department at Chekkt; an eCommerce marketplace featuring B2B SaaS solutions. He lives in Tel Aviv, and when he’s not doing marketing-related things, he enjoys eating, playing basketball, cycling, reading tech blogs, and watching American football.

Some examples of SaaS applications designed with entrepreneurs in mind

Engaging in the use of SaaS applications can be very beneficial for the small to medium-sized business (SMB) owner. The benefits of subscribing to a software solution as opposed to

purchasing proprietary and customized software are many. What is less evident is the different areas of business in which SMB owners may want to explore SaaS solutions. Below, you will find some examples of applications that have been designed with entrepreneurs in mind and that have yielded positive reviews from users and technology experts alike.

CRM Systems – created to manage the relationship with customers, CRM SaaS solutions can help you better understand who your consumer is and provide better service by integrating the business and the end user through technology. One example is eGain’s suite of products. Its applications all help provide better service to the customer by integrating call functions, e-mail, instant messaging, and other communication options. Commended for its reach within CRM functions, eGain can be a great partner for this aspect of your business. One of the main virtues of this application is being able to accommodate the growing needs of businesses as their customer base increases over time.

Project Management – when approaching this aspect of business, SaaS solutions can help if they have the flexibility needed to support your strategic initiatives. The best project management solutions are those who specialize in your industry, because they will have the latitude you need to generate and manage information as you need it. Genius Project is one such application that is well regarded by many SaaS users. Their platform is robust enough to manage each project’s peculiarities while generating hundreds of reports that are readily available as part of its product offering. Depending on the project being managed, Genius allows for easy customization and management of milestones and pivotal points.

Supply Chain – often one of the most complex areas of any business, supply chain SaaS solutions need to be able to adjust to the company’s needs on a whim’s notice. Whether demand is shifting or there is a change in forecast or product development, the platform must be equipped to handle these changes as well as vendors, locations and other variables. QLogitek’s SaaS solution does precisely that. Highly focused on retail companies, it is readily available and has a low cost for business owners. It is designed to handle a significant number of products, vendors, and other variables so it can grow as your business requires. The support offered by QLogitek’s staff ensures that the software is always up-to-date and seamlessly integrates throughout business units and users.

HR Management – managing a workforce can become quite challenging as companies grow in size and scale. Adopting an HR SaaS solution can simplify not only workflow and communication with employees, but also the reporting that goes along with managing a larger staff. Among some of the most recognized solutions is ECI Empower. ECI focuses on continuously improving its software and deploys upgrades effortlessly and with little to no impact on the daily operations of the company. This application is built to be flexible enough to grow with your business.

There are other areas of business in which SaaS applications are available to simplify business practices. Business owners should take it upon themselves to explore the best SaaS applications for small businesses, specifically those which excel in particular industries. Costs of SaaS solutions should be considered for both the short and long-term, as paying a bit more now for a solution that can grow with your business may be better than a small investment in an application that cannot accommodate growth.

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