Remarkable USB Flash Drive Innovations

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This is a guest post. As needs changed, technology advanced. Or was it the other way around? Either way, when it comes to storage devices, floppy disks were replaced by CDs, CDs were then replaced by DVDs, and now the USB flash drive has become the most popular device in use. These compact devices are carrying an internal memory chip that can store data for a long time, very similar with the hard-drive, but with a major advantage. They are small and portable. Today, the USB flash drive is used for both personal and work related needs, but also for marketing purposes – And for this fact alone, this device is a very interesting one.

Unique shapes and designs for USB flash drives are a tech and business innovation

While they are very popular for digital data storage, transport and sharing, the USB memory drives also come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colors and other new designs and styles, from character figures to unique themes. Because all of this, the USB flash drive is one of the most hot high-tech promotional products on the market.

When they first appeared on the market, these devices could hold 64MB of digital data. Now, as their demand and usage have increased, USB technology has also advanced. For example, storage capacities are over 128GB. Also, the USB flash drive is now compatible with most computer operating systems and other devices, as all they need to have is the common USB technology. This convenient plug-and-play technology makes the USB memory drive easily detectable by any computer system.  In addition to their mobility, the high read and write speeds can satisfy any need the user has.

The personalized USB flash drives and the custom USB drives are used more and more by different institutions, offices, and even schools and universities. They are simply a brilliant idea for advertising. Also, they are a great and an effective marketing tool if used for trade fairs or conventions and as corporate gifts. But they can be used in any marketing or advertising event or strategy, as they endorse a brand, company or institution. The promotional USB drives can be made unique by printing or engraving your logo, name or contact details on them and, this way, offering a constant reminder of your products or services to your customers, clients or partners.

These great devices, especially the personalized ones received as a gift, are the ultimate solution for people always on the move, who need to store digital data, work with it or share it. They offer an amazing versatility. Not even the first-time user will have problems using a USB flash drive. The user can access his or her digital data very quickly, and this can make work more convenient, and even enhance fun by sharing the latest music, family or special moments pictures and even videos or movies with others. The custom USB drives offer better media presentation for companies, can perform different tasks efficiently in any almost any system, and they come at a decent cost. The USB flash drive can be described in one word:  “Valuable”

About this guest author:
Johan Ellingsen is the author of this article. He is based in London, U.K. and is the owner of USB Company. He likes to write about technology trends, especially about personalized USB sticks and the creation process of a branded flash drive. Get in touch with him on Facebook.
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