Top Cloud Storage Services For Mac Owners

Review by: Sheldon Ely

Sheldon Ely writes extensively about technology, most notably at the TechToucan blog.

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When it comes to choosing a cloud storage solution, the number of companies competing for your time and money can be overwhelming. This may be especially true for you if you have a Mac With so many choices on offer, which one should you go for? Well sit back and relax as we run down the top four cloud storage applications for Mac owners.


What JustCloud does is as simple as its name. It has quickly become one of the top cloud storage applications and is perfect for all of your backup needs. One thing that they are specifically known for is their significantly fast upload/download speeds. They achieve this by using a unique build infrastructure which incorporates “Big Data” storage but also Amazon S3 to maximize the user experience.

What makes it even greater is that JustCloud does all of your back up automatically to your free cloud storage space. All of your files are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing access from almost any mobile device. Overall, if you want a well-balanced cloud solution for a Mac, JustCloud is a good choice.


The ZipCloud platform is a sleek offering, which is aimed a little more at advanced users. ZipCloud is truly a fast, user friendly, and secure way of protecting the information that you store on the cloud. 256Bit AES encryption encrypts the data to enhance the security of all information for the personal computer user.

Not only does ZipCloud have a host of great features already provided by other service providers, they even have many that are exclusive to them which makes Zipcloud essential for individuals who demand more control of their storage. Like every other company on this list, they have a pretty solid presence on mobile devices too.

MyPC Backup

A world leader in online computer back up, definitely deserves it’s place on this list. On of the main selling point is its100% automatic backup feature. It’s also very simple and user friendly. With just the right amount of features for the casual user, this may be the Mac solution that most are looking for. Using a simple desktop application that doesn’t take up much room, MyPCBackup makes sure that everything is always up to date.

Another great thing about MyPCBackup the price, probably one of the lowest in the cloud storage market, you don’t have to sacrifice or loose any features. So if you want to take your cloud storage experience just a little further without spending a fortune, then MyPCBackup may be the best option to choose.

SOS Online BackUp

SOS Online BackUP makes a big claim, they allege that they are “Prism Proof” and cannot be infiltrated by prying eyes. One quick look at their security features will show you that. They basically provide military grade security options. Not only do you get great security, you also get many exclusive features in other aspects of your overall experience. For the businessman in mind, the SOS business can get their computers backed up for around $25. An extremely low price compared to others on this list.


Like humming birds to sweet nectar, SugarSync may be the perfect option if expert assistance is vital to your business. They’re also among the top companies operating in cloud storage and are quickly gaining ground on mobile devices. They’re backed by a team of highly trained technology experts and is one of the quickest growing companies. SugarSync would definitely have to be the best option for those looking for a very effective and adaptable experience. SugarSync has access across multiple platforms so ease of access is a given. It also has a unique way of offering folder and file sharing capabilities.


There are many great options available when it comes to cloud storage on a Mac. Choosing the right cloud service is a big decision and over time you may try many different platforms but you’ll eventually find the one that suits you best. Many on the list offer trial periods to allow you to test the waters before diving in and investing in one company.

Consider if you’ll be using the service across multiple platforms, and how important security is to you, as these factors will help make your decision. All offer business plans and even tailor make business solutions if your storage space needs exceed what they have on offer, so it’s worth shopping around and getting prices before you make your choice.


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