Momentage App Reinvents Photo, Video Sharing on Social Media Giving Users the Ability to Craft and Showcase Moments

Use tools in the app to edit photos, videos and create SoundImages™ then share your series with followers

Momentage, a new mobile application, is taking the constraints off of photo and video sharing on social media networks. Momentage is a new social media platform where users can craft and showcase a “moment” in its entirety. Photos, videos and SoundImages™ can be taken and integrated using tools within the app, to showcase a more artistic expression of reality and an ongoing experience.

There are many instances in life we want to express and share. Momentage helps the user share their story. To craft a moment, users can select and edit photos and videos, or they can shoot photos and record up to 20 seconds of video. Additionally, a photo can be enhanced with 30 seconds of audio called a SoundImage™. Rearrange content by drag and drop capabilities of the photos and videos after selection. The user can then showcase their series. For example, a moment can be as simple as capturing an amazing beach party with a single photo. Or, a moment can be as rich as sharing multiple videos of that beach party combined with photos of friends preparing food, a sunset pic and a SoundImage™ of the crashing waves.

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Create a montage of moments

“When starting Momentage, we took into consideration that we weren’t happy with how current apps all regarded photos and videos as singular, individual posts ­ when in fact, many of these photos and videos are a part of the same moment. What we also didn’t like was over posting and spamming feeds with six singular posts,” said Frank Kuo, co-founder and CEO of Momentage. “Momentage is easy to use, but infinitely richer than other social networks; it is a creative tool for crafting moments. The experience is more than viewing a photo; a post can be made interactive and more artistic with video or sound, editing tools and by manipulating the structure of how the moment appears to viewers as a final product.”

Users have the freedom to share a singular moment in time, or a stretch of time, with one or several photos, and they can add to or edit each moment in the future. When a moment is shared, followers experience it as a series they can interact with by enlarging photos and playing video or SoundImages™. ‪Public moments and privacy are important to their community. Moments by nature have different levels of sharing, and some are more private than others, so they allow their users to create groups. Momentage users can also interact with their followers to see who liked each moment and respond to comments on moments. In addition, each user can view the activities of their community.

Momentage is currently available for iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store. Fore more information, visit

About Momentage

Momentage is a new way to capture, share and organize your moments. The free app lets you create a moment through a single or collection of photos, videos and SoundImages™. Edit, delete and even add to an existing moment at anytime. With this freedom, users can organize moments to enjoy memories and share them as they please. Moments can be shared with the public, a private group or kept for yourself. For more information visit

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