Top 5 Gadgets For Innovative Drivers

Guest author: Andrew Handley

As automobile technology continues to move forward at an astonishing rate, so do the amazing gadgets that will benefit drivers every single day. Not only are many of these devices exceptionally affordable, they could also cut

down on travel time, improve the vehicle’s efficiency, and make travel all-around more enjoyable. For those that would like to make the most out of their trip every time they get behind the wheel, here is a quick look at five cool gadgets you can get.

1. Road Angel Gem
There are few situations that can become as much of an expensive hassle as a speeding ticket. Not only are drivers forced to head to courts or potentially even traffic school, they could be looking at fines, fees, and increased insurance premiums that quickly move into the range of thousands of dollars. With the Road Angel Gem, drivers can dramatically reduce their chances of acquiring a speeding ticket with one of the most accurate devices for vehicles to-date. The display constantly shows the road’s exact speed limit with different warnings for speed changes, speed traps, and countless other road hazards.

2. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics
Automobile diagnostic tools have been around for quite a few years, but they have been limited in scope as to what they were able to do. Many times they were simply used by car enthusiasts that would like a closer look at their engine’s performance, but the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics tool moves well beyond that. In addition to offering basic diagnostic options such as one’s mileage, it also is one of the most affordable ways to remotely control many aspects of one’s car or truck. Once plugged in, the user can pull out their smartphone to start the car and remotely lock and unlock doors. For those that would like to carefully track their vehicle, ‘geo fences’ can be created to limit where the vehicle can travel.

3. SuperTooth HD
It seems as if almost every municipality now has strict laws against using a phone or other mobile device while on the road, even for something as innocuous as checking directions at a stoplight. This is why many have turned to hands-free devices, and the SuperTooth HD compares with all of the best options currently available. This Bluetooth device will automatically connect to designated smartphones and provide options for near complete hands-free use. The driver can use their voice to answer calls, make calls, listening to text messages, listen to emails, update Facebook, send Tweets, check their battery charge, and much more.

4. Kensington Proximo
GPS devices are now being produced by countless manufacturers with every feature that a consumer could want, but few are as simple, affordable, and reliable as the Kensington Proximo. The Proximo comes with a small sensor fob that can be attached to keys, a bag, or even left in one’s car. The smartphone app can then be used to track the item within feet or even alert the individual if they have accidentally left anything back in a store or in their car.

5. Inrete Automatica
Many modern cars come with satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, or even USB ports for one’s smartphone, but this does not give the driver access to their own personal library outside of their phone’s limited space. The Inrete Automatica solves this problem as a portable flash drive with 4GB of storage. In addition to quickly syncing with almost every vehicle, it also can wirelessly connect to one’s Dropbox or Skydrive account to update songs and playlists.

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    1. Heh, the only con listed is “police visibility”. It’s better that you don’t try and conceal a radar detector. If they are illegal in a state, no concealment will make them “less illegal” or cause less problems but will probably have the opposite effect.

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