Fuse: Connecting Your Car To Your Life

Fuse is a mobile app in the making to help give your car a voice. No, it’s not actually going to talk to you like KITT from Knight Rider, but it will connect your car to your world based on the data collected when you travel.

Data such as, fuel mileage, tire pressure, why your engine light is on again, GPS and more is collected and now it’s possible to see all this data at once to help improve your driving habits, keep those darn teenage drivers safe, and save you money on fuel costs. Let’s face it, cars are an important part of our lives and we need to be able to rely on them to get us from point A to point B. So wouldn’t you like to know everything about how your vehicle is running?

All your car’s data in one familiar place – an app

We asked Fuse founder, Phil Windley, where the idea for this new car app came from. He tells us, “For years we have been working on this idea, even building a cloud-based platform that supports this view. Cars are a perfect place to start because there is tremendous potential for combining information and they are also a huge part of everyone’s life. We knew immediately we needed to start showing the world what the future looks like by connecting your car.” Fuse’s hardware gadget directs all of your vehicle’s data from a plug under your dashboard to your mobile cloud and also adds GPS data allowing you to see exactly where your car has been traveling. This smartphone mobile app can track your trips, protect teen drivers, help manage fuel costs, and solve the mystery of that nasty engine light.

Automatically tracks your car trips

All this combined data is just a tap away on your iPhone to help make your life a little simpler. Windley hopes this app will make a difference for people and shares his vision with us. “Today, we have to manually combine all of these elements together. We have to think about getting gas, which station usually has the best prices, ask our teen drivers about how the car is running, etc. Now location, engine status, the direction you’re driving, your appointments, etc. all combine together to help you get more from your car, drive more safely and save money.” For instance, Fuse will automatically track every trip you make with your car, including start and end locations, distance, fuel cost and time. Based on the repeated driving routes you take, Fuse learns your driving patterns and will automatically classify repeated trips. When tax season comes around, this data serves as an easy way to report on your mileage totals for tax and accounting purposes saving you time and money.

Save on fuel cost and time

One of the coolest Fuse features is it will connect to other mobile apps, like the ones that alert you about gas station locations and prices. Windley tells us just how smart Fuse can be, “Fuse is the only app with a platform in the cloud that combines your car’s data stream with any other service out there. Today we are combining it with gas prices, geolocation services, messaging services, engine code libraries, and much more.” While Fuse keeps track of the gas stations, it also watches your fuel levels and will notify you when and where you’ll get the most out of your dollar when you fill up your tank. With the ever increasing fuel prices, Fuse will help you take advantage of the lowest gas prices near your location. This will sure help for those days I want to find less expensive fuel and instead of driving around to find the lowest price; I can just ask my Fuse!

Fuse is expected to hit the general public March of 2014. Currently, Windley and team have a Kickstarter campaign and are running some great deals to get this app up and running. The estimated retail cost of Fuse hardware and software is estimated to be $199, but right now they have some great discounts and multiple car deals running on their Kickstarter page. For more information you can check out their blog here: Fuse

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