What is UberStations?

AOL publicly announced the closure of Winamp and SHOUTCast on December 20th, but for mobile apps utilizing SHOUTcast, their station directory stopped functioning today, December 5th, crippling their apps. DAR.fm is making its comprehensive guide of stations known as UberStations immediately available to all SHOUTCast licensees.

“Hundreds of developers rely on SHOUTCast and popular app developers such as TuneMark on iOS and XiaaLive on Android told us SHOUTCast was shut down this morning rendering their apps useless.” says DAR.fm CEO Michael Robertson. “We immediately opened our UberStations directory so developers can switch over and continue to offer their services and not have to do customer refunds.”

XiaaLive quickly switched to the UberStations directory and not only expanded their breadth of stations but gained powerful artist and song searching as well. See: bit.ly/XiaaLive

UberStations is a global online directory of free radio stations which includes AM/FM stations, Icecast stations, SHOUTcast stations and thousands more. It’s the same directory used for the DVR for radio service DAR.fm and RadioSearchEngine.com which means it receives thousands of updates from the community and DAR.fm. For most stations it includes a wide range of data including genre, location, audio format and programming data.

UberStations brings several advancements to the online radio lacking in first generation providers like SHOUTCast. A geo-targeting feature enabling listeners to easily locate nearby stations making a local experience possible. Currently playing artist and songs are tracked in real-time for music stations.

More than 50,000 tested and reliable stations with genre, logos, broadcast schedule, now playing date and geographic location make up the UberStations guide.

Contact Michael Robertson at UberStations for more information. mr@michaelrobertson.com


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