How To Become A Better Smartphone Photographer

Guest author: Jesse Schwarz

Jesse Schwarz enjoys writing on a variety of technology-related topics. He recommends reading unbiased reviews when you compare available internet providers as a crucial step in finding a good broadband plan to fit your needs.

You can’t just instantly take a great picture using your smartphone, but there are things you can do to help it


Although technology has sure come a long way since the day of the home-sized cell phone, there is still some effort that has to be put in on the human side. A good example of this is the camera included with just about every smartphone today. Even though this type of camera can have cool features like autofocus, different lighting settings and automatic face detection, doesn’t mean that you can just instantly take a great picture with it.

Don’t get us wrong; when the need to take a quick, good-quality pic arises, the features included with most smartphone cameras do a great job. But if you really want to take your picture-taking skills to the next level, this article will hopefully help.

See the Light

When it’s time to capture that great smartphone photo, one important aspect to consider is light. Most smartphone cameras will perform poorly during times of low light, but that doesn’t mean that your photos will automatically turn out bad. The trick is to shoot with the light, and not against it. This involves positioning yourself so that whatever light is available is behind you, but is falling on your subject. Light can also be used in the opposite way to create a silhouette; to do this, simply place the subject in front of the light instead of yourself.

To Flash, Or Not To Flash

Getting to know the types of flashes on your smartphone will help you to be better prepared when the time comes to use them. Try taking one picture with your smartphone camera’s flash and a second one without to see the difference it can make in your photos. Some types of flash, such as fill flash will remove facial shadows, while others may over-illuminate a subject’s face.

Common Issues and Close-Ups

Not surprisingly, smartphone camera photographers experience many of the same issues that their traditional photography counterparts do. One big issue is camera shake, which can result in blurry images. This can be easily overcome by either using a tripod made for smartphones, or creating your own by holding your phone in both hands, and then touching your elbows together.

Zooming is also something that can be overdone by smartphone photographers. Because most smartphones employ digital zoom, zooming manually can actually cause your picture to be of poor quality. Instead, try walking closer to your subject when a clearer shot is needed.

What to Do If Your Special Photo Is Flawed

Just as with traditional photography, even the most well-prepared-for smartphone shot can end up looking a lot different once you view it in a larger size on your computer screen. This can be especially frustrating if you only had a one-time chance to capture the moment. But there are several apps available for smartphones which can help you to bring out the best in any shot.

Color Effects

If your photo has a great vantage point but is somehow not as lively as it could be, the free Color Effects app can help. It allows you to play with the colors in any image you’ve taken with your phone. You can choose to turn a color phone into a black and white one, or color only certain areas of your photo. Of course, there are many other ways to use this app to improve your images.


Camera + offers an all-around solution for anyone wanting one app that helps them take better pictures. Offering many features, including stabilization, lighting assistance with iPhone flash, timer and the ability to separate focus and exposure.

As stated previously, there are many options when you need a solution for better smartphone photos. Check out the ones that seem most interesting to you, and then try them out to see which ones are easiest for you to use. Before you know it, you will be taking smartphone pictures like the experts.

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