HP Chromebook 11: Best Chrome OS Laptop

Guest author: Rose Finchley

Many people have laptops nowadays. Different models of laptops offer various features and alternatives. However, many laptops have been and still are quite expensive and difficult to afford. Now I want you to stop and think. What is the most used part of your laptop? You probably use it to surf the net and, well, surf the net. 🙂 Yes, many of us spend a lot of time browsing in the digital world that we hardly use our laptops for other purposes.

Then why have an expensive laptop with tons of features when you only need a browser?

Google has a solution for this. What they offer is an affordable digital notebook that runs its applications through Chrome.

If you think that having a browser is enough, this article is for you.

If you think that having a browser is enough, this article is for you. Stay with us.

chromebook11General Information: Google offers a nice product that uses the Chrome OS, rather than a desktop OS. This is the HP Chromebook 11. Essentially, the main thing you see on this laptop is the Chrome web browser. All the features and applications are built into it. One of the greatest advantages of this gadget is that it is only £229 ($274 USD). Furthermore, there are also some features available for the times when you are offline. Undoubtedly, this is a very attractive alternative for true Internet maniacs.

Usually when something has a lower price, it is considered faulty. To say the least, people think there could be something wrong with it, probably a missing feature or a lack of quality. However, this is not the case with the HP Chromebook 11. Google developers have managed to avoid the pitfalls and offer a rather good and powerful product.

Design: First, the design is great. The Chromebook is made up of plastic and it has a metal-reinforced case. This means that the creakiness is avoided, contrary to the other versions of Chromebook where this is not the case. As a whole, the gadget feels tough and looks great. This is probably due to its white gloss and curve angles. It looks modern, elegant and simple.

Performance: One would say that such a low cost means some cut downs have been made in the gadget’s performance. Luckily again, this is not true with Chromebook 11. You will be surprised to discover that the right changes have been made and the right ideas have come to mind.

In this version, developers did not use Intel Core i5 processor, as it was the case with Chromebook Pixel. Instead, the machine operates with a dual-core Samsung Exynos 5. If this was put on a Windows-based laptop, having such a CPU wouldn’t have been possible, but the good news is that ChromeOS is way better and meant for more efficient processors.

Having such a processor means that the speed is not an issue here. In fact, Chromebook is so fast that it is put among the fastest Android tablets. If you run the SunSpider test on the laptop, it takes approximately 716ms. As for the WebXPRT, it is done for 324. What we are trying to say is that this machine is so much faster than the speed required to run web applications. This means you will be able to enjoy the time spent working with the gadget. Not to mention, Chromebook 11 is good at playing HD video as well. You will have fun watching movies whenever you want.

The laptop starts immediately after you open the lid. Its size is okay.

Screen: The screen is 11in IPS and is high-quality. You will enjoy a 1,366×768 resolution. The Chrome OS doesn’t take much space. Here everything looks organized and in good order.

As we already pointed out, the design is a bit glossy and there can be an issue with reflections sometimes. But overall, screen resolution can help adjust the brightness levels and get rid of this problem.

The good news here is that you can see the screen easily no matter which angle you choose to look at it.

Keyboard: This laptop does not have a touchscreen. The touchpad and keyboard are the only means to work with the machine. The keyboard is very well-designed and it has small, soft keys built inside.

It should be noted that the keyboard is not as good as that of the Mackbook Air but it is still responsive and you don’t need to apply too much pressure to hit the buttons.

In addition, some of the keys have been removed and there are others whose place has been changed. This can cause a little trouble to people who are used to older layout. Take for instance, Capslock has been replaced with a Search button; as for Delete – it is completely missing. Instead you need to press Alt+Backspace.

There also are some shortcut keys added to the keyboard.

The touchpad is good too. It actually deactivates when you are typing something. Smart, isn’t it? Furthermore, it supports gestures. For example, if you use two fingers to swipe over it, you go forwards and backwards in the browser.

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