Professional website development can improve your business in not-so-obvious ways

This is a guest post.

So, you already realize that website creation helps to increase sales and save on advertising. Next, you need to decide whether to make it on your own or get professional help. Website creation allows you to reach target audiences in the easiest and the cheapest way. With good marketing and whitehat SEO tactics, it’s possible for clients to find you without Herculean effort from your side. Why is website creation a cheap way to find customers and increase sales? It’s simple. You can use a variety of methods to find clients: Hire a crowd of commercial agents, advertise in newspapers and magazines, buy advertising on billboards, etc. But all these methods have one very serious drawback – they are expensive, sometimes prohibitively expensive.

Website creation with a professional web design company solves a lot of problems: Savings on advertising, savings on sales personnel wages, savings on payroll tax, as well as savings on rental and maintenance of premises for staff. When you consider that all these savings can represent a considerable sum, remind yourself that this is especially true for overhead. Office space costs are competitive and rental rates in New York and other global business centers have reached sky-high levels. And, you can greatly reduce the costs associated with telephone and mobile communications, electricity, employees’ travelling and training. In general, being on top of your rough estimates of running costs will help tremendously in keeping you clear of major problems. But that’s not all. Employees don’t always push themselves to the limit – there’ll always be employees who coast and don’t live up to their potential. There are other abstract costs associated with hiring and retaining employees, too. It’s sad but true, and sometimes salespeople aren’t even able to reach every potential customer, because their time is limited. The cost of communication can be quite large if too much time is spent without a sale.

Today, almost everyone uses the internet to search for information, because it’s easy and safe. But your office is usually open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and not open on weekends, while your website – your virtual office – works around the clock, seven days a week. Website design with the help of an experienced company is a great alternative to all these challenges. Your web presence will provide your current and potential clients with key information about products and services, as well as the ability to order or purchase online.

hardatworkYou may assume that corporate site design is too costly. So, what is the price range for good web services for New York companies? Regarding the cost of actual design, it’s necessary to weigh each individual case. No two situations are identical due to different project structure, content, administrative considerations, etc. So, does company site creation pay off? In general, costs are recuperated quickly, but this is true only in cases when site design was performed by specialists – Not IT students, friends, cool hackers, system administrators of a company, your neighbor, etc. It sounds funny but it’s not a joke – such situations sadly aren’t that rare! The result of such “product of folk art” decisions rarely nets even 5% ROI, a waste of potential. Sites created by true specialists with New York City acumen tend to employ web experts from all over the world. That’s why it’s better to leave site creation to professionals, to help your site become an effective money making machine. As for profitability of professionally designed websites, sometimes the ROI range can be 300-500% within months or weeks, depending on the client’s business specifics.

This guestpost is by: Darya Tokareva with Mark Williams from, a well-known New York City web design company.

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