5 Innovative Technologies Revolutionizing Conferences

Guest author: Diana Zimmerman

conventions-conferences-whats-new-in-techThe opinions expressed in this guest post are not necessarily 100 percent in-line with the views of Techmania411

About this guest author: Diana Zimmerman enjoys researching emerging tech and finding ways to benefit businesses through technology. She has held several VP of Technology positions in the last decade. For more information on business tech, Diana recommends reading techworld.com.

For the most part, technology has done nothing but good things for business conferences and anyone involved with them. With people so reliant on technology, it comes as no surprise conference and convention tech would evolve as needs and trends change. Let’s dive in and take a look at five technologies revolutionizing conferences today.

1. Adding Incentives To Attend Conferences

By allowing attendees to check-in via their mobile devices, this can create a great incentive for them to attend. For example, if the first 100 attendees who check in are provided a free gift, this will get attendees to the event early as well as increase the number of people who attend. There are many ways in which check-in apps can be used to add incentives. From offering gift certificates to giving discounted entry tickets, the incentives really are endless.

2. Newsletters

When it comes to knowing what is going on at a conference, information can often get jumbled when it’s given by word-of-mouth. To overcome this issue, providing conference newsletters via email is a great way to

ensure all information is provided to the correct people in a timely manner. Best of all, newsletters can be updated on consistent basis, meaning if something changes, the information can be relayed in a matter of seconds.

3. QR Codes

Most people have heard of QR codes. They are the odd-looking bar codes on websites, product packaging and posters that can be scanned by mobile devices. Once scanned, a page will pop open on the mobile device to provide more information relating to the service or product the QR code was found on. Conferences can use them on posters, tickets and more to provide valuable information to those attending.

4. Networking Apps

There is no doubt that conferences tend to have main speakers and different small events to take part in. While listening to speakers and taking part in the events, this is a great time to network other people attending. To get the most out of networking, it’s advantageous to share digital business cards via smartphones and mobile devices. There are many apps that can be used to accomplish the sharing the digital business cards, and many smartphones have such apps pre-loaded.

5. Custom Apps

There are many types of event apps that can be custom created for conferences. Custom apps are very advantageous because they can directly apply to a certain type of conference. Different types of conferences will require different types of apps, making custom adds all the more beneficial. When it comes to having custom apps created, a great place to turn to for services is DoubleDutch.me.

Attending a conference has numerous benefits. For those hosting them, one of the primary benefits is increased brand awareness. Those attending the conference are able to gain knowledge that helps them make better, more informed decisions about the products and services they buy. To get the most out of any conference, it’s important to take advantage of technology. Whether it be a custom-made event app or a newsletter sent through email, technology can take a conference to the next level.

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