Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT Review: Satellite Navigation System

Review by: Brad Thomas

Product review of the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT

The less expensive version of Garmin’s Nüvi® 3597LMTHD, the Nüvi 2597LMT shares many good things with its high-end sibling and gives better value for your money to boot. For those who want the greater accuracy of a dedicated GPS device, the Nüvi 2597LMT is one of the best picks in the market right now. Here is a closer look at the device.

Interface and looks

The Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT has the same dimensions as the high-end 3597LMTHD, except that it’s a litte thicker. This increased thickness is hardly noticeable though because of the back panel design. The mount for the device is modified from the one used for TomTom GPS devices, so it should be easy to understand and use for those who are moving from a TomTom device. The mount is attached to the back panel using a locking ring, which is different from the snap mechanism used in old Garmin devices and the magnetic mount in the 3597LMTHD.

Up front, you see a five-inch display with a resolution of 480X272 pixels, which is low but clear enough for its size. You will find some basic touchscreen actions, but you can’t pinch the screen to zoom in on maps because of the resistive screen. On the bright side, the matte treatment on the screen makes it easier to see the display in sunlight.

The Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT offers a simple and reliable interface. The screen displays your speed as well as the speed limit on the road prominently. When you touch the speed indicator, you’ll see the distance traveled and other detailed trip information. The 3D map resolution is as good as it can get on such a screen size, and it works well enough for the lane assistance feature. You can see the closest exits and animated arrows pop up as you get closer to them, guiding you through them. 🙂  If you find the 3D lane assistance feature a bit distracting, you can also access a small 2D lane assistance view on the top left and dismiss the 3D lane view.

Performance and accuracy

The Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT works well on the road, with smooth position updates as you drive along the road to your destination. The large speakers on the Nüvi 2597LMT deliver clear, smooth, and loud voice prompts whenever needed. Traffic jam warnings and the approximate delay in time sound off promptly, and you get voice announcements when you are driving on the fastest route to your destination. The system works well on primary roads, although you have to be a little careful about following the navigation instructions from the device when you are on  secondary roads.

One of the best things about the Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT is its points of interest (POI) system. The map has a well-updated list of diners, restaurants, and other POIs. The interface makes it easy to search for POIs within your location, and entering street addresses for your destination is just as easy. The voice-activated hands-free calling feature in the device is another nifty feature. In fact, the ease of use and simple interface is what makes the Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT such a great choice. There are a few other options at the same price with more features and hardware, but the fact is that the Nüvi 2597LMT offers what travelers need most, which is ease of use and reliability. Assessing the Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT based on its reviews will help you in selecting right satnav product for your needs.

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Brad Thomas is a freelance writer interested in technology and gadgets. Most often, he writes reviews on gadgets.

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One thought on “Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT Review: Satellite Navigation System

  1. Easy To Use Quick GPS Unit

    I bought the Garmin nüvi 2597LMT to replace a Garmin nüvi 2360LMT in my wife’s car. With the Garmin nüvi 2597LMT, it is the small differences that add up to make a much more satisfying user experience. In every way, this GPS unit is quicker and more functional than the older unit it replaces. I would highly recommend the Garmin nüvi 2597LMT to anyone looking for an easy to use, quick GPS unit.

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