Top 5 Android Apps For January 2014

Guest author: Atanu Shaw

Atanu Shaw is an independent Android app developer. He has his own web portal for Android apps development and discussion. Since the release of Android operating system, he has been one of the top app developers in the world.

Everyone knows that apps are the soul of today’s mobile world. Whether it’s iOS or Android,

no operating system can survive the tough competition without some really interesting apps. Perhaps this is the reason why Windows Mobile Operating System has not been such a huge hit with the masses.

Last week we reviewed some of the top apps for Android and we decided to compile a list of these apps so that you can get them installed on your mobile device. Some of these apps are fairly older while some of them are very new and we are mentioning them so that you don’t miss them. So let’s take a look at the top 5 apps for January 2014.

• Pushbullet

A lot of you might already be familiar with the Pushbullet app. For those who haven’t heard it, Pushbullet is an app that allows you to transfer files from your computer to your phone and vice versa. Over the last 6 months Pushbullet has really evolved in its functionality. This January it received a very important upgrade, now it features notification mirroring. It allows you to receive the app notifications on your web browser on your computer. Any time when one of your apps gets a notification, it will be popped up on your web browser. Now some of you might not find it that useful but I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to get to my phone every time it rings as now I can simply see the notifications on my computer.

Rating for Pushbullet – 5 out of 5

• Stack Exchange

We all are very familiar with the Stack Exchange as one of the best Q & A forums on the internet. It is a collection or network of websites where you can get answers to almost any question that may pop up in your head. There are 100+ communities that provide expert answers to almost everything from beer making to rocket science!!!! This month stack exchange has released their own app on Google play that provides a full Stack Exchange experience right on your Android based mobile device. From a personal experience I have used this app so many times in just a week’s time to find answers to some of my queries.

Rating for stack exchange – 5 out of 5

• Beats Music

I am assuming that anyone who is reading this product review would already be familiar with this term. After all Beats has emerged as one of the most popular brands of audio system in the last 5 years. Endorsed by multiple A list celebrities, Beats has transformed itself in to a highly reputed manufacturer of audio systems.

This month they released their own app on Google play, it is basically a social networking app for music lovers. You can follow different artists and you can get all the relevant updates in one place. You can also search for playlists relating to different genres and moods. It also updates you about the hot and happening events in the music industry and of course you can also buy music directly from this app.

My rating for beats music – 4 out of 5.


No Smartphone can be put to some real use without installing some useful apps on it. All of the above mentioned apps are highly functional and can be considered as life simplifiers. While some of these apps are paid apps, you can certainly get the trial version to see if they serve any purpose in your daily life.

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