Guest post: A cool way to do marketing on Instagram

Surely you already know this, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a heads up: eCommerce marketing will be (and to be more precise should be) evolving from a simple product promotion to creating personalized relationships between marketers and customers. Customers have always wanted more than a simple transaction (and as a customer yourself, you already know that) and you always have to find a better way to sell to them.

Since Instagram (Facebook’s photo editing and sharing app) has launched direct messaging option, you have automatically gained a new way to share your product or service photos or videos with your customers.

marketoninstagramInstagram direct messaging is similar to Twitter’s direct messaging and it’s built to feel more natural to Instagram experience. Using this option you can now drive personal messages containing photos and videos (15 seconds long), and these messages can be shared with individuals or even groups of people (15 people max).

Instagram as an app has evolved as a means of visual communication allowing online business people to express more detailed information about their products and/or services. Using Instagram Direct, you can now advertise your products and services to you existing fans, or you can use this feature to solve customer service issues.

Here are three simple ways on how to use Instagram Direct:

1. Promote new products

If you have new products or services, there is no better way to promote them than using Instagram Direct. Not all of your customers and fans are interested in everything you have to offer, and Instagram Direct is a way to present your new products and services only to those who will be more than eager to find about them. If you are a good business person, you’ll know what your customers are interested in. Using Instagram Direct you can share photos of your new products or services with these individuals or groups, but make sure you include a link where they can find all about that new product or service of yours. Alternatively, you can use Instagram itself to make a product. For instance, this photo collage maker by PosterCandy creates a new product out of your Instagram photos – clever, isn’t it?

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2. Hold Question and Answer (Q&A) chats

This step will bring you closer to your customers. You can use group chat direct messaging features to find out what they think of your existing products or services, or you can even get an idea for a new product or service because you’ll know what your followers are thinking about, and you’ll know their habits, likes, thoughts, etc. Let’s put it this way, not only you can use these kind of thematic chats to educate your customers, but you can also do market research in no time.

3. Feature coupons and sales

What’s better than rewarding your top followers or customers? You can’t find a marketing tool that’ll beat that, because they’ll know that you’re really thinking of them, and that they are more to you than just money. Reward them with special sales promotions and coupons, and in return you’ll get more than just gratitude. They’ll become more involved, and they’ll also let everyone know that you’re not a typical kind of business person.

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