Tech Startup Geosports Takes Social Networking to New Level

Geosports brings people who want to play sports together, on the go
Computer programmers Simon Chevalier and Vincent Martel have joined forces to turn virtual networking into real world fun.  The two became frustrated by the times that they wanted to play sports but couldn’t find enough people who wanted to play at the same time.  

Following the “if you can’t buy it, build it” mantra, the two have set about to build an app that will allow people to send and receive notifications about opportunities to play sports in their area.

Users of the free app will be able to set up events from well in advance to just shortly before it starts.  They’ll be able to set the date, time, place, sport, and level of competitiveness.  “Just like Facebook events?”  No!

When someone sets up an event, people who have previously signed up for notifications on that sport in that area get sent notifications.  Players don’t have to know each other in advance to hear about and participate in sports.  They just need to have the app set up to let them know when there are games.

One of the best parts about the app is that it takes advantage of geolocation technology so that players can get notifications wherever they happen to be.  This is a great feature for people who travel a lot, but it also works well for those who have long commutes.  Still at work and looking for a game?  The app will let you know about chances to play close to work.  Sitting at home looking for something to do?  You can hear about events closer to home.
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The developers are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to fund development.  With just under three weeks to go, they have raised about a little over $2,300 of the $11,000 they’ll need to fund the development of the app.  They’re ramping up their efforts on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about their project and expect that sports enthusiasts will chip in as they learn about the app that could mean they never have to go another day without a game.

To learn more about the app and the fundraising effort, visit their Kickstarter project at

The page is available in English and French.

About this guest author: Sean McConeghy is a freelance writer who has worked with a variety of clients from law firms to sports betting apps.  His recently completed website is


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