Small Businesses Have a Friend in Signpost: Marketing Software Helps Reach and Maintain Customers, and it’s Cost Effective

Do you own a brick and mortar business? You’ve got a friend in Signpost

According to research by IDC, small businesses are getting more comfortable using hosted software for better customer insights. Why? Costs are now lower and the actual software is easier to use and better now compared to even just 2-3 years ago. And it’s only up from here. One such SaaS provider is a company named Signpost.

Among many things it can help you do, Signpost gets your business’s details listed on Yelp, GooglePlus, MapQuest, and dozens more sites. It helps at different points in the sales funnel, such as capture of emails, follow up, encouraging your customers to review you on important social platforms, suggesting different campaigns for you to try, and tracking the amount of your visitors (and conversions) including a map so you can see where visitors are viewing you online. Signpost’s monthly pricing is affordable compared to expenses like hiring a social media marketer or using a dedicated CRM system.  In addition, it lets you create a conversion page without hiring an SEO or an expensive local marketing pro. Adjuncts like MailChimp or Unbounce are absolute headaches for many businesses, and can be removed from some scenarios thanks to Signpost. The fewer steps, the better, right? And what business has time for techno mumbo jumbo? None.

Client Samantha Shih of said “Signpost is an economical way for us to reach a broader audience and get our service directly in front of those searching for custom suiting and shirting. It’s like having a robust, yet inexpensive marketing team at your disposal. They do all the legwork for me, managing our online presence, attracting new clients, and remarketing to existing contacts. Unbeknownst to me and my team, we were already listed in dozens of online directories and databases beyond the major players like, Yelp, Google, etc. What was disconcerting is that somehow those listings contained my personal mobile number! Signpost ensures that your information is corrected and up-to-date. By adding engaging content and an offer to our listings we now convert online traffic and get new long-term clients in the door.”


All businesses need to market their products and services, keep track of customers and build loyalty. Signpost is an option for automating these “front office” tasks that are essential for customer relationships. Relationships are the lifeblood of business, but as they get complex, they become tougher to manage. Co-founder and CEO Stuart Wall said “We’ve only scratched the surface of meeting the needs of small businesses in an increasingly tech-driven economy. American small businesses represent a huge addressable market and there’s an equally large opportunity to create technology designed to improve their success. Automated cloud-based software — particularly those platforms that improve efficiency and effectiveness in front office operations — has the potential to be the solution for small businesses and a sustained future growth of the American economy.” Their Twitter address is @SignpostSMB. For more info or to speak to a sales rep, visit their main website at



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