Fluent in Android? Then the Samsung Galaxy Camera might feel very natural to you


Samsung’s Galaxy Camera EK GC 100

Wasn’t sure what to expect from a “Galaxy” camera, but it really feels natural to an Android user like me. The reason? It runs on Android. Whatever you can download from GooglePlay, you can download onto this camera. For example: Photobucket, WordPress for Android, Gmail, GooglePlus, Easy Voice Recorder, Clipper, even Dropbox, Evernote and the normal mobile Chrome browser or “beta” mobile Chrome browser!¬†Yup, it’s just like an Android phone, but it’s a camera and video cam too.

Don’t get me wrong – Samsung’s concept is wonderful, but a few functions¬†required “getting used to” like pressing a side button to¬†get¬†the camera’s flash to pop up. It makes a slight snap sound when it pops up. To hide it, you need to physically push the flash down into its hideaway slot until you hear a locking click sound. At least you know it’s protected when not in use. The function that takes the most “getting used to” is the zoom feature. To zoom, you either pull or push on the wheel on the top right.

I was told this phone was created specifically with bloggers in mind. Would I agree with that characterization? Sort of. An advanced blogger might¬†find this camera helpful if they’re familiar with saving drafts in advance and then accessing them in “WordPress for Android“. Alternatively, a blogger could use the browser-based text-mode editing¬†UI in WordPress together with the Android Photobucket app to do mobile blogging. Not super easy, so I think a new blogger could easily feel frustrated if they assume this device will make blogging easier.

What I definitely don’t like is the fact that you can’t use 2 modes at the same time. For example, if you want to use “Best Face” together with the rapid fire feature (called “Continuous Shot”), you can’t. Or maybe we¬†can but I just don’t know how. ¬†It’s easy to transfer your pics (or recharge the camera) to your computer via a USB, so that’s a positive. Another thing I always find myself doing is resizing on my laptop because the pics taken are just so darn big, even when you set the camera to use the smallest dimensions. Overall verdict: Cool but not necessary for advanced bloggers who intend to do lots of mobile blogging. And a potential source of frustration for new bloggers.

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