New tech trends that will blow your audience away


qrcodes913One thing I’d like to add: Most people have heard of QR codes: Those odd-looking things that can be scanned and then a page will pop up on a device to provide more information. Conferences can use them on posters, tickets and elsewhere (even digital screens) to provide valuable information to those attending. They can take a user to a PDF file, or a Slideshare presentation, or a video, etc. They can even be used for incentive programs (click here to see an example) when an event/conference is over or happening or beforehand, or just not tied to any conference at all.


Eventastic using innovative technology for events.An event without technology is nearly unheard of these days.

Technology has become such an integral part of the way Event Professionals communicate and promote events; the way we craft the event experience and most certainly a way of delivering the key act or speaker.

Getting up to speed with the latest tech trends is no easy task for event professionals, especially if they are not tech savvy.

3 Event Technology Trends To Create An Incredible Event Experience

  1. All things video. With effects such as edge blended video display, pixel mapping and doing unique things with video beyond “here is my power point presentation”.
  2. Way more complex set-ups. An industry term has not been coined yet, but in the concert industry they are starting to see “pre – programmed, automatic set movements” with some event professionals starting out on a smaller scale with one or two automated movements…

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