The 411 about #Uber and #Lyft: What’s the difference?

Thanks Morgan Corbett. You always post good content. 

Wherever you go, there you are

Uber and Lyft have succumbed to scrappy tactics recently to win customers and market share.

The ground transportation industry, over saturated by cab companies, has been disrupted by services like Uber and Lyft, companies that seek to make transportation easy and affordable. Uber-app Consumers can download an app, enter their credit card information and press a button to summon a private driver to their exact location. So, what’s the difference between Uber and Lyft?

I’ve used the Uber service in many cities around the country: NYC, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta and San Francisco. My only experience with Lyft was in the Bay Area – twice. uber-image Uber offers a more “private driver” experience. You sit in the back of the car. It’s very clean, and there’s bottled water most of the time. Uber X is the less expensive option. lyft-car The über archnemesis, Lyft, is a less polished private driver service. The Lyft drivers sport neon…

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