Tool review: Be as specific as possible when using BuzzBundle

This software might be defunct. The old review still exists below if you’re curious.

Review by: Phil Turner

If you’re looking for a way to check mentions of your company, your name, or of a group of keywords, then BuzzBundle is one way to do it.

BuzzBundle review screenshot
Screenshot of a BuzzBundle search result: Click here to see it fullsize

What you can expect to pay

There is a free option on Buzz Bundle. It gives you 70% of “mentions for the first 15 days and 30% thereafter, but the 30% of “mentions” continues indefinitely. The paid option is $249 (Currently $199). This gives you 6 months of updates. You can still use it after 6 months, but you will not be able to add new keywords to search for. To extend the functionality you need to pay $49.95 every year. When you are skimming the sales page it is VERY easy to miss this regular payment requirement.


Join in conversations:
Buzz Bundle allows you to join in conversations about your keywords on Twitter and other social media channels. It has its own browser that opens when you want to reply to someone. The browser is limited however. There is no zoom facility. This is important because every Buzz Bundle screen uses a VERY small font which is impossible to read on anything less than a 28” monitor.

Multiple social media accounts:
You can set up an unlimited number of social media accounts and use any of them to reply to comments.

If you’re looking for blog posts in your niche to comment on, it will find one from each site. You then need to go through the site searching for more relevant posts.

If you want to monitor your reputation, you can input your name, run a search and find everything that’s being said about you (and everyone else with that name). It works best if you refresh the searches at least daily. That way you can pick up new threads and posts quickly and reply if appropriate.

How good is it?

In a search for “Public Relations Press Industry” and “PR Press industry” Buzz Bundle found no mentions at all. When “Press industry”, “Press industry PR” and “Press industry public relations” were added to the keyword group the software did find mentions: 31 Blogs & forums, 2 social network threads and 19 video-sharing sites. On closer examination the two social network threads were not relevant. Only 7 of the blog posts were from 2014 and only 2 of those were relevant; neither relevant blog post accepted comments. None of the video-sharing sites were relevant. short wide break utility

A search for “Midlife” was much more productive though, pulling in recent blog posts, social media discussions, Q & A site threads and video shares. See the screenshot at the beginning of this review.

Closing thoughts about the best way to use BuzzBundle

Basically the GIGO (“garbage in – garbage out”) principle applies to this program. You have to be very particular about the words and phrases that you search for. There will always be some garbage, because the internet is full of it, but if there are some gems in the mix, you can put up with the worthless stuff.

About this guest author: Phil Turner uses his teaching skills from a career in the classroom to pass on his knowledge to others. Communicating is Phil’s passion. His objective is to pass on as much of his own knowledge to as many people as possible, in the hope that one or two will pass it on to people they know.

Phil is the webmaster of and and applies his life experience in his writing on these two very different sites. Phil taught science and chemistry in St Helens near Liverpool in England for 28 years. He moved to Cork on the south coast of Ireland in 2003, worked for a security firm for six years and now earns a living online as a writer and editor. Phil’s core beliefs center around “The Five Currencies”. The 5 currencies are: time, knowledge, reputation, contacts and money. He works on the principle that he invests time to increase his knowledge. Phil’s knowledge leads to a growing reputation, which in turn leads to a growing contact list. Phil’s contacts often employ him, leading to earning money. “The Five Currencies” is the core belief behind Every one of Phil’s paid gigs as a writer has come from it. Phil also holds that it is our scared duty to acquire knowledge and to pass it on to others so it is not lost forever. He has recently founded to pass on his own knowledge of midlife issues.

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