Twitter Tools To Help You Retweet Influencers And Get On Their Radars

This guest article was written by Gail Gardner

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Social media influencers are busy and, apart from notable exceptions like Gary Vaynerchuk, many don’t do everything on Twitter manually. We use tools to automate some of what we do while not neglecting personal interactions. Tools make it possible for us to spend more time interacting.

Keeping your account active is the first thing to understand when you engage Twitter influencers. We use tools to unfollow dormant accounts. If you don’t tweet at least once a month you will start losing influential followers. Even if you are certain you always tweet more than that, emergencies happen. Better to be safe – especially when it is so easy.

All you need is the free tool Twitterfeed. By adding a few blogs that are relevant to your audience, their latest content will automatically be shared in your Twitter stream. Just be sure you choose wisely as you never want to use a site that publishes anything that would offend your followers.  Don’t worry about feeding too many sites as long as they are highly relevant. I personally feed 114 other sites into my Twitter stream. Remember that some only publish once a week or once a month. I don’t feed any site that publishes more than once a day. For large sites I feed individual writers rather than the entire site.

trick to using Twitterfeed

Remember to add the best hashtags when you configure your Twitterfeeds. Find them using

🌞🌞🌞 How to Get Other Influencers to Share Your Content 🌞🌞🌞

In the early days of Twitter, influencers would feed each others’ content using Twitterfeed. We still do that today. But we also have tools which make it easy to ask for our content to be shared. You don’t need to know any influencers at all for this to work for you. Join these sites:

🌞 Viral Content Bee (formerly known as Viral Content Buzz) (VCB) allows your content to be stumbled, pinned, tweeted and liked on Facebook. Earn credits by sharing other people’s content to use to promote your own. There’s a Twitter chat every Tuesday at noon Eastern: #vcbuzz This video explains how to use VCB:

🌞 Guest Crew

If you have a cause or event you want to promote or if you can tie your content into something like a national day, branded week, or awareness month, look into the new Social Campaign function on Guest Crew. This is similar to Thunderclap.

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  1. One of the first things I do before deciding on following somebody on Twitter is to check their most recent tweet, being mindful of any “pinned” tweet at the top . If it’s too far in the past then I assume the person is a Twitter quitter and I don’t follow that account.

  2. Jesse Hughes, you sent a message to me using my contact form but you didn’t include contact information of your own… Please resend what it was that you were trying to say

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