NinjaOutreach: Boost Productivity with this New Marketing Tool

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This guest article was written by Ali Lawrence
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Those who do inbound marketing, like myself, have a lot on our plates. We have to find relevant blogs, build relationships, pitch story ideas, write posts and keep track of all this craziness.
Not to mention, this becomes increasingly difficult over time as we exhaust our blog list and have to keep track of the 100 bloggers you already work with.

Sure, there are tools out there like Tout, Buzzstream, and Google Docs to help you along the way, but having to use several different tools to get the job done decreases productivity (and budget, since most are paid). #InboundProblems

I know I’m not alone in these problems because these are just a few reasons why Mark Samms, Dave Schneider and Gurpal Theti got together to create an all-in-one inbound tool called NinjaOutreach.

Once you setup the tool you can enter all your email addresses (I have four so this definitely came in handy) in the Setting section so you can email your contacts from whatever email all in one interface.

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The first tab “Prospecting” allows you to place several targeted keywords in the search bar and let NinjaOutreach do the work as it gathers a list of blogs (no duplicates), contact info, social shares for the post, ranking info, and traffic. You can narrow the search by filling in requirements for the above info under the advanced filter. You can then export the list or save it to a specific list in your “List Management” tab.

Once you have the list to your specifications, you may need to go through and add names or specific emails if the computer couldn’t find them, and create various pitch emails in the “Manage Templates” tab. You can even add variables to be automatically filled in for each specific contact.

Next, go to the “Email” tab where you can view each contact’s “card” with their latest tweets, RSS feed, contact info, and rank. Choose the bloggers you want to contact, add the template which is automatically filled in with data available, and the email address you want to send it from. Send! It’s really that easy.

One section of the tool I’ve yet to truly test is “Campaign Management.” In this section, you can view user analytics and split testing for your templates to perfect your pitches and response rate.

Overall I think the tool is definitely worth the investment, especially at only $19/month! You can get a 14 day free trial too. Bonus video below: Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach explains the software on #WebToolsTV.
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15 thoughts on “NinjaOutreach: Boost Productivity with this New Marketing Tool

  1. Hello Ali thank you very much for the brilliant review we’re very happy the software is improving your work productivity. If there are any questions we can answer for the audience please don’t hesitate to let us know! thank you!

  2. Hi Dave! My pleasure–I always love talking about great tools and NinjaOutreach definitely is a great one! Looking forward to seeing (and suggesting) further features.

  3. Thank you Ali for sharing your review. This looks like a cool tool that can make life a little easier. I will try the free trial. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I visited the site and played their video, to find it was pretty much just an ad. I would have liked to see the tool in action.

    1. Hi Brian! It probably didn’t go into how to use the tool because it is still in beta testing. I know the NinjaOutreach teams still plans to tweak usability and add features. Glad I could help shed some light 🙂

  4. Hey Brian great advice. We will be transitioning from a video to the software walkthrough soon. That has been a place holder for several months while we were getting the software ready. On our features page you can see lots of videos of the actual software in action by clicking the headers.

  5. Great tool. I was just about to get Buzzstream. this seems so much better. Well done Dave and Team!

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