Good Luck Getting Invited to ‘This.’


this social network invite only

If you’re a social media user, you’re probably aware—maybe even a little annoyed—that the word “this” is more than a simple pronoun. It’s a succinct statement meant to call attention to something great, something funny, something worth seeing. For example, Twitter users might hashtag #THIS  accompanied by the link to an article they agree with, while Instagrammers will use it for, well, pretty much anything funny, silly, cool, wearable, or edible.

Now, “this” is a social network—and an exclusive one at that.

According to the New York allows users to post a single link a day with the purpose of filtering out the endless muck that permeates the web and focusing attention on a truly standout article, blog post, or podcast. Sounds pretty cool, right? Not so fast, friend: There’s a waiting list.

Currently, the platform is only available to folks who receive an invitation from one of the 4,500…

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