That PhotoShop Life

PR majors say what?!?!

This week I was introduced to the wonderful, scary, unexplored world of PhotoShop! Here are some steep my step instructions on how I transformed a picture of my friends and I laying on a trampling to us laying in a field of wild flowers!


1. Uploaded the picture of my friends and I

2. Used the magic wand tool and the eraser to of the trampling background

3. I searched the internet for a picture of a field of flowers and downloaded the picture to my computer.

4. I added a new layer in photoshop and uploaded the image of the flowers. The flowers is the 2nd layer!

5. This put my girls in the field of flowers

6. I made the entire picture black and white by changing the color contrast

7. Saved/Exported my image on to my Flash drive as a JPEG!

Check out the difference below!



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