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By David Larkin

Opening note from TechCrunch’s editor.


Editor’s Note: David Larkin is the founder and chief executive of, a search engine and universal queue for movies that is also a platform for film marketing and analytics and a partner with The Sundance Institute.

Combine a culture that increasingly encourages self-expression; an economy that generates considerable surplus capital with low interest rates; Moore’s Law-like improvements in performance-per-dollar in production technology; proliferating on demand distribution outlets for digital media; and persistent underemployment for liberal arts graduates; and what do you get? More films being made.

Sundance receives approximately 4,000 feature film submissions each year for about 120 slots. Short films face even more daunting odds. In 2014, the festival selected only half as many shorts out of more than twice as many candidates.

GOWATCHIT_INFOGRAPHIC-3b (2)Some of those 120 films will get a lot of attention. Several of this year’s Oscar nominees, including Boyhood and Whiplash, were first…

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