Beta readers and where you can find them online


What are beta readers? Where can you find them on the internet?

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Beta readers are one of the most useful tools you can have as a writer.

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As I recently mentioned, I have one of my novels currently out with beta readers.

What are beta readers?

They’re only one of the most useful tools that you can have as a writer. Beta readers are people you send your finished draft to look over – not for editing or grammar errors, but for things like plot holes, pacing, setting, etc. A beta reader makes sure that your story makes sense, and that you haven’t made any huge blunders that readers or editors will mercilessly point out later. Beta readers can clarify any points that are confusing, if you’ve left something out, or put in something that is impossible because of the rules of your universe. They can also tell you if you’re going too fast and losing readers along the way or going too slow and the pace is dragging and becoming boring.

Who make good beta readers?

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