Author bio boxes with ZERO social media. Umm, why?!?

(Scroll down to view them. They’re from around the internet)

. . . If you said #1 and #2, I think you need your head examined. Why? Well – They’ve got no social links!

. . . And this is the social age. WTF.

#3 is tolerable because it’s got some social at the bottom, but LET’S BE REAL – the best of the bunch is #4. LookĀ at how it has neat tabs for the person’s contact info, bio and latest workĀ andĀ it hasĀ social mediaĀ icons.

#1 – Where are the social links!?!?!????

#2 – Pulls from Gravatar, I believe. I again ask: Where are the social media links??

#3 – Pulls from Gravatar but at least 2Ā social linksĀ areĀ included, 3 if you count Skype (Look at the bottom part. Likely included manually)

If you preferred any of the first 3 instead of the final example (shown below), I’d love to know why. The most compact and arguably the best-looking interface is the final one. Take a look!

#4 ā€” the winner: Mine again but on a different site

Yes #3 above is also me, but it’s from SocialWebCafe. #4 is from GrowMap. . . Look carefully and notice that they’re different in structure


#4 has neat tabs for my latest posts and bio

You can see the social media icons clearly, in a cluster

Anyway, just my opinion. šŸ™‚

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