Adobe needs to publicly acknowledge that Flash is wrong for the Web and wrong for mobile

Well this is an opinion that’s easy to remember!

I mean, I’m no fan of Flash, but when a technology expert says Flash is *this* bad, then it’s bad. The thing is, people want “easy.” We also don’t want things disrupting our experiences, telling us we need to do this or do that. And if a device says “unable to blah blah blah”, we just move on to the next thing nowadays because there’s so much content out there. Call me whatever but it seems Flash has a steep learning curve for anybody who wants to toy with it versus just being a passive viewer of Flash content. Evidently, there are some scenarios where it’s somewhat okay to use it if you really think there’s the need but please remember the security aspect!


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April 12, 2015
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3 thoughts on “Adobe needs to publicly acknowledge that Flash is wrong for the Web and wrong for mobile

  1. Hi Alex,

    The main issue Adobe has is licensing like many of the big corporations they have spent years and millions convincing people that the product in which they promote is the best, however it has become ever apparent that the technology world moves way too fast for corporations to anticipate future technologies. This may in turn reduce the amount of investment that we see in the future! The problem we see today with Flash is it’s dependent on bandwidth; bandwidth is very precious, and considering we are moving ever more aligned with a mobile computing future, Flash’s days are limited.

    1. Great analysis and I agree Andrew.

      I’ll add a separate but related comment: Everyday users don’t understand the gravity of the battle for mobile OS dominance. It’s not about bragging, it’s about who will attract the most devs, who in turn create useful apps, then next is the all-important rise in adoption. Or “market share” in marketingspeak. So it’s about survival, not bragging- I know you know, I’m just saying this for everybody who’s unaware.

      Anyway – Ever heard of this site? “Should I Remove It?” dot com 🙂 It seems super helpful and detailed

      … Everyone, follow Andrew on Twitter and his tech blog too!!

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