Bite-sized audio for social media! Users of the Clammr app call it “audio Instagram”


Parviz Parvizi is the co-founder of Clammr

You can connect with Parviz on Twitter @ClammrApp (click here)
short wide break utility

Hi Parviz. Good to meet you. One thing I can say right off the bat about audio is: I’ve totally wished for audio in Twitter!! 🙂

Parviz Parvizi: Hi Alex, looks like I’ve run into a kindred spirit! We’d love to hear what you think of clammr if you have a chance to play around with it on iOS. If you search twitter for @clammrapp, you’ll be able to find the clammrs that people are posting there (every clammr is an open object — natively playable in twitter/fb and also in embeddable widgets).

If you’re android, I put together a rough tumblr that will give you a rough idea of the Clammr listening experience for newsy PR-type content: The tumbler widgets don’t capture the social and collaborative creation/curation that are at the heart of Clammr, though.

Why did you choose 18 seconds? I’m surprised Twitter hasn’t realized audio shorts in tweets could be a good way for people to expand on thoughts which are currently forced into 140 characters.

Parviz Parvizi: I actually go into the background on how we landed at the 18 second cap for Clammr in Harry Hawk’s podcast episode (click here We wanted clammrs to be long enough to be able to capture a complete thought or entertainment nugget, but not so long that when people inevitably get duds they get turned off on the whole experience. So, we triangulated to 18:
– psychological research tells us the human working memory and attention span is 7-9 seconds
– translating a 140 character tweet into audio at 150 words per minute is ~10 seconds
– we tried 12 seconds in early beta, but found that it was a bit too short — people rushed a bit when speaking; musicians told us it was too short for a musical phrase; and some listeners felt they needed a bit more time to process mentally since the clammrs come in a stream
– so, we read out and recorded a set of nyt articles and clocked how long it took for a listener to get the main point (not just the topic); that came in at 18 seconds or less, so we landed there

Worth noting that every clammr can expand into longer content with a “hear more” button. Also, clammrs are natively embeddable into twitter/fb — when users create them, they can simultaneously post to those places. Do a search for #clammr or @clammrapp on Twitter to get a feel for some of the activity

🙂 Thank you! Good info!

Clammr’s YouTube channel

How to get the most out of Clammr

Link to download Clammr on iOS


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