Getting familiar with Periscope on Android

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Periscope example

The hearts floating upward on the screen are pretty much like “likes” on Facebook, well, sort of. They’re given by viewers. From what I understand, the hearts are credited to your profile and the more hearts you have on your profile, the better your chances of appearing up top whenever you broadcast. In theory, the closer you are to the top, the more views you’ll get because folks aren’t into scrolling down too far. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
short wide break utility

And of course questions and typos to make you smile
dragonfruit dragon fruit

The number in the bottom right corner indicates how many viewers are in the room, but I’ve noticed it’s not always 100% accurate.
short wide break utility
Further reading: (click here) “Periscope isn’t merely social. It delivers the interaction craved by social media users, yet is used by the actual media outlets….Periscope could make huge waves. The sister app to Twitter may become media’s microscope into all things newsworthy.” – Source: USAtoday
short wide break utility

Images: From my Android image gallery. Credit Techmania411/Alex Yong if you need to use them on your site.

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