Alex Yong’s first review of “Facebook Live”

Click here to see my first Facebook Live, broadcasted from #SMWNYC (Social Media Week, New York City) #SMW16

(Recorded February 26, 2016 using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on WiFi through Android Facebook Mentions.)

Funny thing is, this ability was available to me the 2nd week of JANUARY 2016 (via Android Facebook Mentions)

I was on a supposed official Facebook waiting list (I remember filling out the form) to get Android Facebook Mentions + was informed I’d be informed. Unless I missed some notice sent to me in January — I received nothing from Facebook. Nice fail, Facebook. Oh well, it’s here now. Let the fun begin.

Someone gave me her opinion and said she thinks the video quality delivered by Facebook Live is better than Periscope’s. Do you agree? I sorta agree. I feel Facebook Live would’ve been aweseome to have while I was doing the December event with Apple CEO Tim Cook (RFK Human Rights 2015 Awards gala, click here). Oh well.

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