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June 17, 2016 – Disclaimer #1 re: the VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds product: As I say in my main disclosures page, I am strongly against “quid pro quo”. Product was received but it was not given “in exchange” for anything. I share opinions and info on my own accord. Disclaimer #2 re: the Moto Z phone, Moto Mods accessories and VerveCam+ camera product: No compensation of any type was received. Content is shown here for informational purposes and site quality.


19 thoughts on “Moto Z, Moto Mods, Verve.Life – Cool tech news from the Motorola/Lenovo universe

    1. Oh, the Verve Cam+, yes, it looks convenient. The big factor, as always of course, will be its UX which includes how easy the app will (or won’t) be to use. Good to hear from you as always Omar.

    1. Yes! If that projector add-on works well, I can see small businesses falling in love with it. But from what I understand, a darkened room is required.

      I also understand all the add-ons (called “Moto Mods”, of which the projector is just one of several) attach via magnets (albeit “strong” ones) … but … magnets? I sorta feel a better method could’ve been chosen, but then again I can’t really say because I didn’t try it in real life yet.

  1. Being a former GoPro marketer and avid lifestyle video streamer, I am really impressed with with Motorola has done with the Verve Ones+ and Verve Cam. I just purchased the JBL water resistant, waterproof speakers for her 12th birthday. Ironically, she asked for wireless headphones and I could not give her a response. I just looked at her and said with a smirk “Next year for that” :-). I am very intrigued in the Verve One and Cam for myself to check out.

  2. Woah so awesome if love to give those a go. Finally something useful and practical.

    1. I was told the Verve Cam+ can clip onto your clothes. (Would’ve been sooooo helpful to have it last month for our e-bike demo, right? Oh well) I think the Verve Cam+ is more affordable than the “Mevo” too, but in the same range; I really should check on that. The Verve.Life website also says the Verve Cam+ is a “social” cam, and I need more clarity on that because I’m all about social.

  3. Hey Alex,

    Love the cam design, live streaming directly from the cam to Youtube sounds great.

    I haven’t tried out too many wearable tech stuff so far, would love to give this one a try,

    Uttoran Sen

    1. Hi Sandy –Hoping we’ll get to do that, meaning you, me and everyone who’s commented here. 🙂 David, if you’re reading this, we can all be a focus group of testers for you. Pretty sure we all use Facebook Live and we all have access to YouTube. We’re well-versed in live streaming issues and vernacular.

      Another FYI for you, David: Omar (from Sea Shepherd Australia, he wrote the first reader comment here) won a bronze lion at Cannes Lions (in Cannes Lions’ “film craft” category) a few weeks ago. And remember, the business card you handed me last month has your phone number on it; expect me to use it! LOL!

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