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June 17, 2016 – Disclaimer #1 re: the VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds product: As I say in my main disclosures page, I am strongly against “quid pro quo”. Product was received but it was not given “in exchange” for anything. I share opinions and info on my own accord. Disclaimer #2 re: the Moto Z phone, Moto Mods accessories and VerveCam+ camera product: No compensation of any type was received. Content is shown here for informational purposes and site quality.


19 thoughts on “Moto Z, Moto Mods, Verve.Life – Cool tech news from the Motorola/Lenovo universe

    1. Yes! If that projector add-on works well, I can see small businesses falling in love with it. But from what I understand, a darkened room is required.

      I also understand all the add-ons (called “Moto Mods”, of which the projector is just one of several) attach via magnets (albeit “strong” ones) … but … magnets? I sorta feel a better method could’ve been chosen, but then again I can’t really say because I didn’t try it in real life yet.

  1. Being a former GoPro marketer and avid lifestyle video streamer, I am really impressed with with Motorola has done with the Verve Ones+ and Verve Cam. I just purchased the JBL water resistant, waterproof speakers for her 12th birthday. Ironically, she asked for wireless headphones and I could not give her a response. I just looked at her and said with a smirk “Next year for that” :-). I am very intrigued in the Verve One and Cam for myself to check out.

    1. I was told the Verve Cam+ can clip onto your clothes. (Would’ve been sooooo helpful to have it last month for our e-bike demo, right? Oh well) I think the Verve Cam+ is more affordable than the “Mevo” too, but in the same range; I really should check on that. The Verve.Life website also says the Verve Cam+ is a “social” cam, and I need more clarity on that because I’m all about social.

  2. Hey Alex,

    Love the cam design, live streaming directly from the cam to Youtube sounds great.

    I haven’t tried out too many wearable tech stuff so far, would love to give this one a try,

    Uttoran Sen

    1. Hi Sandy –Hoping we’ll get to do that, meaning you, me and everyone who’s commented here. 🙂 David, if you’re reading this, we can all be a focus group of testers for you. Pretty sure we all use Facebook Live and we all have access to YouTube. We’re well-versed in live streaming issues and vernacular.

      Another FYI for you, David: Omar (from Sea Shepherd Australia, he wrote the first reader comment here) won a bronze lion at Cannes Lions (in Cannes Lions’ “film craft” category) a few weeks ago. And remember, the business card you handed me last month has your phone number on it; expect me to use it! LOL!

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