Sounds like another soon-to-be Google fail

Ok, you can listen to this report (below) on the new “Google Maps Lists” or whatever it’s called. I’m going to take this opportunity to rant about Google’s marketing. (Y’all love a good rant, right?) Specifically, whenever Google tries to add ‘social’ anything to their marketing.

The fact that Google even created a ‘social’ something SEVEN FUCKING YEARS AFTER FACEBOOK is proof that Google eventually saw value in social data. But don’t expect nerds to do social well. Look at Google Plus – it’s all you need to see that the nerds at Google might never understand social.

And don’t expect nerds to be great at marketing either. Just say the phrase “Google Plus” out loud. How does it sound if you were hearing it for the first time? Most people think: “Plus what?” IT’S HORRID MARKETING. With the mysterious unclear “plus” it actually sounds like a ‘special’ or ‘paid version’ of regular Google, to be honest. Only folks who were following tech/biz news at the time (2011) knew Google Plus was the Google version of Facebook. If there’s lack of clarity in your marketing, don’t be surprised if people assume things that are way off-base! Almost six years later, tons of people STILL don’t know what Google Plus is.

On a separate, positive note, congrats to @Cheddar

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