FB/IG Live? Replay? Story? It’s okay to be confused

The developers at Facebook made it easy for you to know what the hell you’re looking at 

If a stream is live, it’ll say “LIVE” (in a bright color) above your friend’s name in the Stories row. This is true for both Facebook and for Instagram. I like this because there’s no confusion. If there’s a replay of a livestream, it’ll show up as a replay button in a vivid color above your friend’s name also in the Stories row.

Stories are ALWAYS replays whether they’re a minute old or 23 hours old. And they’re of course in the Stories row, along with livestream replays and true livestreams — “One row to view them all.” It’s okay to be confused. It’s not okay to stay confused. #kidding


If you need help creating a Facebook Live, an Instagram Live or a Story on either Facebook or Instagram, look at this how-to video. Hope you’re having a great weekend. It’s snowing in Manhattan! . . . Below are two articles I recently wrote: One is an interview, the other a book review. Clicking on the image should redirect you there ⬇️⬇️

Interview with Chris Weiher
Book review of “Angel”

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