Power options for home or on the go: 2 items reviewed

Accell Power BLOCK Mini

To lay the BLOCK Mini flat, play around with the thick main wire (see fig. 4) in the back, or else out of the box it might not. The most reliable parts of this power block are the 2 protected AC outlets with 300J surge protection (see fig. 2) They’re on both sides, 1 on each. The 3 USBs on the top (see fig. 1) are also extremely handy and in a prime position. The wireless charging area (see fig. 3) can act as a simple stand for landscape viewing too.
Retail price: $39.99 on the Accell site Comes in black or white.

myCharge Unplugged 10K (UPB10WW-A)

The name alludes to the 10,000 mAh of power. Works with all Qi enabled devices. There’s nothing bad to say about this. Mostly I charge one thing at a time but sometimes two. It’s portable unlike the Accell BLOCK Mini.  To activate the wireless charging surface on the myCharge Unplugged 10K, you need to push the button found on the lower front. This charger is good if you want to charge a phone while in bed without the risks of cords on your bed.
Retail price: $34.90 on Amazon

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